Friday, August 24, 2007

Revamping of law & order machinery

Seems like the 12hr Bandh called jointly by Ziro Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ZCCI), Hapoli Bazaar Committee and Old Ziro Market Committee on 13th, demanding restoration of Law and Order situation at Hapoli-Ziro Township has jostled the administration and made them to take note of the prevailing law and order situation in this twin township.

In a meeting convened between the district administration, police and representatives of Hapoli Bazaar Committee, Ziro Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ZCCI), Old Ziro Market Committee and Apatani Students’ Union (ASU), Lower Subansiri Deputy Commissioner Ms. Sadhana Deori announced revamping of Law and Order enforcing machinery in Hapoli, Old Ziro in particular and entire district as a whole. The strategy for revamping law and order enforcing machinery includes:

  1. Prohibition of carrying of dao (sword).
  2. Intensive patrolling by police and magistrate during the night hours.
  3. Checking movement of drunkards on the road.
  4. Ban on dice play.
  5. Maintenance of streetlights and
  6. Opening of police beats and outposts.

Good for the people and the administration but would it indeed help in maintaining law and order in this twin township of Hapoli and Ziro? I’ve my doubts in its effectiveness, though. It’s not new that there is a ban on dice play, patrolling by police at night and presence of police beat posts. But innocents have been manhandled by police patrolling at night while anti-social elements let free. Murder has been committed right under the nose of beat post at Gandhi Market. So, it has to be seen if the law and order enforcing machineries are able to deliver their duties sincerely so as to make this twin-township safer to stay or if this entire exercise just becomes short time pacifier to the agitating denizens of the twin township of Ziro-Hapoli.


  • anon_tanii_gal

    That's great news. My relatives including Ama and Aba live there so all these murders and the deteriorating law and order worried me a lot about their safety. I hope that they are effective.
    It's good that people have protested against it, at least it woke up the sleeping lethargic administration!

  • AG

    I only pray that Ziro-Hapoli be safe for the denizens of this twin township including me, your Ama & Aba and all others and that the administration would gear up to make this place safe to stay.

    But, going by the report that appeared in yesterday's edition of Arunachal Times, it seems that it is indeed a short-time pacifier because second phase of Bandh Call has not been called off altogether but has been postponed for a month. Hope the administration would deliver in the lines of their strategy and would prevent yet another [irritating] Bandh Call.

  • yasiyalow

    In a practical world, banning of arms by acts of law ensures that gentle folks are under total mercy of criminals. Gentle folks, as a responsible citigen, will abide by the law, but criminals, criminals as they are will always have arms about them with which they will have their way without a semblence of resistence.
    Banning of dao is no solution either to the problems of petty crimes
    or the murders and robberies. It is a senseless eye wash by the administration without any thought or depthness. What we want is a cure, a solution to indifferent and a corrupt administration and a more assertive and moral society.
    If u are under any delusion of Hapoli being safer with banning of dao, AG, just tell me how many of murders or robberies have been committed at Hapoli town by the village folks from Hari or other apatani villages, who walk down proudly to the only town known to them, proud and stately in their red coat or jillya pulye with their chiiri iilyo, go about their business, have a jolly mug of rice beer and there and as evening comes, walks back to their village, happy and contented chating within their small world of ziro. You have stayed at Hapoli and know Hapoli much more than me. Tell me how many of crimes have been associated with these dao clad simple village folk.
    Almost all the crimes have been committed by criminals, with recorded criminal bent of mind. And how can one deter their criminal and murderous acts by baning carrying dao by ordinary citizen. Infact, it makes armless and law abiding citizen more vulnerable to the criminals. Thee goons will have a field day, if not, atleast their job becomes easier with the prior knowledge that their preys are armless and defenseless.
    Well of all the rights that I know of, the mother of all the rightsgreatest right which even transcends beyond human to animals rightis, right to life and right to defend ones life in whatever manner possible. And no one has right to take away this right, espescially by that administration who can not safeguard life of ordinary law abiding people and are ready to sell itself at the slightest drop of hat.
    Right to wear dao is not peculiar to apatanis, sikhs are allowed to bear their kirpans, right to arm is a constitutional right in America and so do many socities and countries have such customs and rules.

    Well, my suggestion is that administration should put its own house in order first.. No amount of rule and laws are going to bring peace unless it is enforced sincerely, honestly and witout fear or favour. Citizens need to be more alert and assertive, should be vigilant and shoulnot let both administration and criminals take them for granted. Infact when you look at them and put them in perspetive there is little difference. Both fatten by browbeating general public who are weak, meek and easy to tame.

  • AG

    "If u are under any delusion of Hapoli being safer with banning of dao,........." well had you gone through my post, you might have noticed that I've have said "I’ve my doubts in its effectiveness, though" besides, i've said that law and order machinery should deliver their duties sincerely. So, I'm not in delusion that by banning dao Ziro could be made safer but infact I wonder would it be possible to seperate dao from the people which is almost very much part of their attire.

    Regarding maintenance of law and order I've already said that administration has to deliver their duties sincerely and it is good to see people now standing up to protest, though in the form of bandh which I strongly detest, to let administration know that they can't be taken for a ride at least when their safety is concerned.

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