Thursday, August 16, 2007

Tawang -Through Govind's Lens

Here are some marvellous photos of Tawang shared by Govind Singh of Delhi Greens.

Find more of Tawang photos shot by Govind here.


  • raka

    the second shot is taken from vip circuit house right?
    there used to be a bunch of nepali cooks there--stole my camera when i stayed there lousy ruffians.

  • AG

    sorry to here about that raka

  • Govind

    Hm..I seem to be lucky have a really pleasant visit!

    Indeed, the second shot is taken from the road that goes to BumLa - little above the Circuit House. In fact, if you see the entire set of photographs - you can even see the Circuit House (in full glory!) and other structures in the vicinity!

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