Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Volcanic Activity or…..? (Updated)

The recent unexplained geological activity near Kimin has taken everyone by surprise- from natives of the place to passer by (those traveling to and from Ziro to North Lakhimpur and Itanagar) to geologists alike.

It was reported that at a mountain 7 km from Kimin towards Ziro, activity similar to volcanic eruption i.e., expulsion of hot gases and lava like substances accompanied by frequent explosion had started on August 21st night which finally subsided by 24th leaving behind 2 & ½ meter wide crater-creating enough curiosity for the natives, passer by and the experts to throng to the site.

The natives are terming this unusual natural phenomenon as ‘Chigum Karli’-eruption or shooting of lava from inside the earth while the experts has diverse opinion about this phenomenon-right from outright rejecting any possibility of volcanic activity in the region to fumarolic activity to not ruling out any possibility of volcanic activity till the test analysis report is available. Yes, sample has been sent to Kolkata for detailed analysis so as to ascertain this unnatural phenomenon.

So, till final test analysis is available it won’t be certain if Kimin is sitting right over the Volcanic hot-bed or if the recent geological activity was any indication of Volcanic activity? Or as some experts feel, if it was just another fumarolic activity?

Update (31-08-2007): In an NETV report appearing today, geologist of Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology, where the sample was sent for analysis, has concluded after intensive test of the sample that the geological activity witnessed on August 21st last was not a volcanic activity.


  • Moli

    only if you could post a photo.. wish to see it

  • AG

    This sunday I'm planning to go down to Kimin. If everything works out, you could see a photo of the site soon. So, keep watching.......

  • yasiyalow

    AG, we are looking forward to those pictures. Get some more details of such happenings. I remember some ten or twelve years back, Mann Polyang had also spewed out some mysterious smokes.

  • AG

    "I remember some ten or twelve years back, Mann Polyang had also spewed out some mysterious smokes."....I didn't know that . quite a news again Yasiyalow. Guess Arunachal ,to be precise lower Subansiri and Papum Pare Districts are sitting right over the volcanic 'hot bed'. Got to check out more.

    Regarding pictures, if everything works out, you would soon see it. So keep watching.....

  • Dukhum

    got the photos??? just wanna have a look at it. me from kimin so anyways gonna see it this vacation but just wanna see it as soon as possible......
    so get a pic atleast.........

  • AG

    I've already done a photo feature on this eruption. You can find the photos of eruption site here

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