Wednesday, August 8, 2007

When Tagh pointed me this Galo clan site, I couldn’t resist myself from visiting the site, after all, this was the second community site that I was pointed to after a Nyishi community site.

The first impression was, hey this is better designed site than the but as I navigated through to the About us page, I found, it had the same lacunae as of, i.e., page under construction. The rest of the pages are well laid out.

Where is a community based site, is the site for particular clan of Galo community (correct me), which aims at encouraging the literary development and documentation besides promoting and fostering unity, belongingness, brotherhood and fraternity amongst the descendents of Tutem, Tuni and Tusi.

So, if you are descendents of Tutem, Tuni and Tusi, head on to this site for the activities of TTT-AO Welfare Society, and if you are not, still head on to this site if you want an insight into the Ori clan.

Now, I’m thinking why other communities of Arunachal is not following suit? Or are there other sites too that is eluding me.?

Apatani Literary & Cultural Society, are you listening?


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