Monday, September 3, 2007

Eruption (?) at Arunachal - A Photo Feature

O.k. after Wadia Institure of Himalayan Geology, the Deputy Director-General of Geological Survey of India S Basu Mallik, has confirmed that the unusual geological phenomenon reported at the night of August 21st was nothing geologic but a short-circuit caused by 33 KV high tension power line, generating a lot of heat that melted the powerline pole and also belched out smoke. But nevertheless, we (myself, Cho and Tallo) armed with camera, decided to pay a visit to that site which is some 89.6 Km away from Hapoli towards Kimin.

When we reached the spot we were amused to find people setting up shops to cash in on the events. We were told that an entry fee of Rs. 5/- was required from each and on being questioned why, they showed the signed letter of EAC Kimin which said 'after threadbare discussion with the locals, it was decided an amount of Rs. 5/- would be charged from each visitor' (not the exact word). As the EAC had empowered the people sitting over collection counter we paid 15/- bucks towards entry fee [no receipt was given] and headed to the spot where we took some shots of the spot and here they are-

Guardian of the site

Way to crater

Warning Plate


Crater (another angle)

Lava like substance

Close-up view

HT line over the crater (the probable culprit)

After hanging around for some 15 to 20 minutes, we left the spot with lots of question on our mind. When the spot has been declared hazardous by the administration, why people been let into the site that too after charging money? Why receipt was not given for entry fee? Would the money collected go to government's treasury? Though GSI has declared that the cause for the 21st August night phenomenon was an electrical short circuit-we couldn't digest it. The reason being-if it was electrical short circuit due to the HV line, how the crater was formed? Wouldn't there only be molten metal part [of reported melted electric pole]? What was that 'lava like' substance and how it were formed?


  • yasiyalow

    Good work AG. Thanxs for the pictures. Lets hope nothing dangerous lies beneath. Albeit, I agree with you and the questions raised by you are quite pertinent. Geoligists needs to dig deeper and confirms its benignness. And the administtration needs to clarify whether the danger of life caused by poisonous gas or hot lava can be bribed with Rs5/-? Ha Ha..ha ha

  • Nani Riniyo

    @Team of Arunachal Diary,
    Thanks for sharing the Eruption site photos,good job! Going through your post it seems -Natural Phenonmenon turned out to be source of income for the local people of the vicinity.Its shows the carelesness of the concerned authority.When things are in understudy,visitors should be restricted.Thoguh its the ignorance of our people, researchers should find the main cause for the eruption.

  • Anonymous

    Its very fine work that you have done for Arunachal Diary. Collection of entry fee etc are really funny. But the main thing is all these happening are due to . . SHORT CIRCUIT ? huh ! I don't believe . . never ! If short circuit occur upto that level where were the power department goes ? they should have know this before melting of pole. Even falling of a bamboo over 33kv line disturbed the entire power transmission system. Proper investigation

  • AG

    If we go by geologists theory, there is nothing to worry about but even after lots of thinking from different perspective I'm unable to remove my doubt. And Geologists going deeper into that unexplained phenomenon, I doubt they would ,as the geologists, even the one I talked, are of the firm opinion and don't seem to think beyond the point that volcano may be possible at Arunachal or for that matter rest of the mainland. And the funny part was they didn't told me why?

    Regarding charging of money I guess administration plans to compensate in the event of eventuality....lolz ;)

    I agree with you. It indeed is the carelessness of the authorities concerned. I didn't even find security personnel posted there as was reported in the news bullettin.

    In continuation with your post I would like to add some more points regarding the short circuit theory and the reason why we couldn't buy the explaination of GSI & WIHG.

    1. As you have pointed out in the event of short circuit, the line would have tripped and there was no point that such degree of melting of metal would have occured (see the molten lava like substance)(here the solidified substance was not molten metal part as we observed). Or was the protection system of power department faulty so as not to trip the line in the event of fault?

    2. Can a short circuit create such a crater in the ground? May be, had there been transformer and the transformer exploded owing to some fault. But there was no transformer at sight at the site. So, how was the crater formed?

    3. And as some people says, it was due to lightening striking the pole. But then, doesn't the pole properly grounded so as to discharge the discharge from atmosphere to earth?

    Much explanation and investigation is required before any concrete conclusion is arrived.

  • gambs

    i really wanted to have a glance on those eruption sites,thanks for posting such a nice photos. keep it up. Awaiting for more exciting collections.

  • AG

    Thx gambs for visiting.

  • buru

    I have no doubt that the explanation of 'geologists' are unconvincing.
    They are either lying on purpose or utterly incompetent.
    Power leaks causes safety fuses to blow, not cause massive craters or melt poles.They also dont cause production of 'poisonous gases and toxic substances'.
    This phenomenon may or may not be volcanic, but the authorities should rather say 'we dont know' than put up this pathetic show.

    That the SDO has colluded in collecting extortion from visitors reflect the rot in our culture.

  • yasiyalow

    O.K I have a theory. It was a visit by aliens. Some UFO flew in and melted the ground beneath. After all, Assam is one of most frequently sighted areas of UFO. Those geologists are buffoons and so is that idiot sdo. AG is electrical engineer and we know he is not convinced by geolgist's explanations. What do you all say? aahm!!!!

  • AG

    @ buru,
    The only reason that I could think of geologist not disclosing the fact is that it may create 'panic situation'. But then, if indeed it was volcanic, wouldn't it have been better if the fact was disclosed. Atleast the people would be prepared. So there is no doubt that there is something fishy about the conclusion given by GSI and WIHG.

    My doubts are cleared. Now I know who you are. Thanks for keeping your promise to visit my blog. Hope everything is fine out there?

    And regarding your alien theory....lolz

  • aba guro

    short circuit huh? a%@#!!!!..took away all the drama and excitement of knowing that its a volcanic activity and telling pple that!!! add to the above theory..aliens are now bored of the united states and now turning their atention towards someplace more exotic..who knows ,if one wre to dig deeper one might just find alien ships buried beneath the crater...that might just explain the crap bout short circuit the gsi is giving out ..putting a cloak over the eyes of the native while clandestine research is going on.expect a visit from the SETI next..lols!!!!..dnt know much but as far as i know. havent heard of any volcanic activity in the whole eurasian mainland.only ones heard are the region around iceland in europe, japan and the indonesian archipelago in pacific asia..'the ring of fire' as it is known.

  • aba guro

    ..and of course the lakshwadeep island in india..but these are all off the mainland coast...and yeah about the idea of taro chatung making a documentary if not a movies on this?..with green men,exra terrestrial beings and fact..he could take inspiration from 'the war of the worlds" by h.g wells..hahaha!!! apologies to those who object to me adding a frivolous tone to so serious a discussion as this!!!!

  • yasiyalow

    AG, I am fine and for a change weather has turned ubelieveably pleasent. Social and political unrest persists, but having put in two years, I have learned to live with it. Your blogg is good one. Keep it up. Post more of what is happening in Arunachal and keep posting intellectually stimulating subjects for the netizens of Arunachal to sharpen their intellects.

  • AG

    @ Yasiyalow,
    Thx for the appreciation and nice to know that you are doing fine over there. Regarding posting, I'm bit pre-occupied, hence this irregularity in posting these days. But anyways, do watch out, I'd be coming up with a post soon.

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