Saturday, September 1, 2007

Solung Greetings

Wish you all a very 'Happy Solung'


  • Buru

    You could have put a few lines of info from your Minyong friends?

  • AG

    yeah buru, I also thought in that line too but couldn't put up the info. May be I would do that some other time

  • Moli

    waiting to know more about the festival.
    happy solung

  • AG

    wish some minyong friend could help me putting more about the Solung Festival.

  • tanom tasing

    hai friends.though late,let me tell you why we are celebrating 'solung'.it is an agriculture festival of adi for rich's time to pay back gratitude to mother goddes "kine nane".it's believe that a different creature come on the earth in the form of round shape during evolution of life.the tani people of 'sitking kedeng' find it difficult to understand what exactly that was.later on,they call people from around the world to investigate brave man called 'dadi somi' pierce the creature with arrow.blood which come out from creature form gigantic shape .people christened it as 'eso' or 'mithun'.so,to commemorate the arrival of 'eso',tani people started to celebrate 'solung'.so,'solung' is celebrated for rich harvestment ,prosperity of human being and to wel come arrival of mithun....

  • AG

    @Tanom Tasing,
    Thx for the insight into Solung festival.

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