Saturday, September 15, 2007

Volcanic(?) Eruption at Arunachal-An Update

Substantiating our doubts on the explanation given by experts from WIHG and GSI on the unusual geological activity that occurred on the night of August 21st at a place some 7 km from Kimin towards Ziro, the ZPM, ASM Chairperson of Kimin and PRO Eruption Site Committee has communicated to the Deputy Commissioner that the crater is still emitting smoke and heat and that the people around the eruption site are living in a virtual fear psychosis that eruption may recur and may kill them. Below is the letter:


After the unusual geological happening resembling a volcanic eruption occurred on 21 August at 7 km off Kimin, a team of geologist from Geological Survey of India (GSI), Itanagar first described it to be a volcanic eruption/fisture. But later they reportedly ruled out the possibility of a volcano in their official report.

But the holes from which lava-like materials oozed out are still emitting smoke and heat, indicating some internal activity inside the craters.

Ever since the occurrence of the volcano-like phenomenon, the people here are living in a fear psychosis, fearing that it might be a volcano and that it might recur-and that the GSI report may also be wrong. They are spending sleepless nights, knowing in their hearts that there have been reports from other countries where people have died in colcanic eruptions due to negligence or lack of awareness.

Therefore, on behalf of the people of Kimin, we would like to request the Deputy Commissioner of the district to take necessary steps to cross-check and validate the GSI report, so that no stone is left unturned to avoid any major calamity due to wrong technical analysis/interpretation of the event.

Bamang Mangha, ZPM Kimin;
Tai Tayu, Chairperson, ASM, Kimin;
Nich Kojum;
Bamang Kumar, PRO, Eruption Site Committee."

If the phenomenon was due to electrical short-circuit as claimed by GSI, then what could be the reason for emission of smoke and heat from the crater, still? Isn't it time for the administration to step in and order re-investigation into the entire event/phenomenon?

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    Its the what I expected. How can one digest the reason of all these activities as short circuit of 33kv line. ZPM & CHAIRPERSON's urging DC for cross check is geniun. But whoelse can study better than GSI's personal ? Is there any other agency even if its private who can investigate this activities ?

  • Dukhum

    there should be a rational explaining for wat has happpened.its first time that this has happened in arunachal(considering the record)so govt got to take keen interest in it n come up wid a well accepted reason for this rare display of nature......

  • Govind Singh

    how bout NERIST..I think at least someone there should visit the site and come to a 'sensible' conclusion. On the other hand, GSI is a credible institution as well...

    Its really puzzling and I hope the right info is given to the nearby people...and also to the rest of the country.

  • AG

    @ Govind,
    No doubt GSI is a credible institution but the reasoning they gave about the unusual phenomenon is baffling me.

    Also, it's not that I believe on whatever the people of Kimin has written. Hopefully, I'd go down soon to Kimin again to verify their claim.

    It would have been appreciated if some expert from NERIST visited the site and gave some sensible conclusion.

  • Govind

    I am told that the GSI had given a similar explanation when such an inexplanable incident had happened somewhere down south.

    I hope the real reason can be investigated soon enough.

  • AG

    Going by the state of the site, I don't think that government is keen to find out the real cause. It seems they are satisfied with the GSI reasoning.

    Let's see, if government would order re-investigation to ascertain the real cause.

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