Friday, October 12, 2007

ANSU-CS Imbroglio (Updated)

It seems the issue of Chief Secretary, Tabom Bam’s so-called dilution of demand of nomenclature change of Nyishi’s has reached a dead end and Bandh seems quite inevitable.

The appeal of the Chief Minister on October 7th to call off the stir for overall interest of the state and his assurance to lead a cabinet delegation for ensuring constitutional amendment for nomenclature change from Dafla to Nyishi has fell on deaf ears and ANSU (All Nyishi Students’ Union) is adamant to carry on with it’s proposed stir from October 15th, if their demand for removal of Chief Secretary by 13th October is not met.

On removal of Chief Secretary, the Chief Minister had appealed to the students’ organization ANSU to solve the issue amicably as CS was ready to talk to ANSU representatives terming there had been communication gap.

“On the issue of CS’s transfer, the Chief Minister appealed to the Union to resolve the issue amicably as the CS had already clarified the matter through media and pleaded personally that he not be misunderstood. Further, the meeting opined that the whole issue cropped up because of a communication gap.”

-Arunachal Front

However, the union is not ready to buy into the theory of ‘communication gap’ as expressed by CS saying there is [also] no communication gap as clarified by Bam. The 8-page letter written by the Home Commissioner was punctuated by Bam by adding a paragraph inserting the demand for replacing ‘Galong’ by ‘Galo’ and demanded his removal terming continuance of his post is detrimental to the development of the society.

The reiteration of demand of removal of CS by ANSU, even after the assurance of CM that he would see to it that there is constitutional amendment for nomenclature change from Dafla to Nyishi has made me wonder; is there any other interests (political or otherwise) other than the so-called dilution of demand by Tabom Bam? Isn't it preposterous to think that Mr. Tabom Bam has indeed sabotaged the effort of Nyishi's for nomenclature change, when the final outcome of the Central Teams visit is not known yet? Who knows, may be the Nyishi's would finally get their due. If there is negative outcome of the Central Teams visit, then only, I guess Mr. Bam would have been blamed for sabotaging the efforts of the Nyishi's.

Now, it is to be seen if the common populace of the state would be forced into another Bandh; what stance the government would take to diffuse the situation-would it remove CS under duress or would it let ANSU carry on with the Bandhs?


Galo Welfare Society (GWS) has appealed to ANSU for harmony and to sink differences and drop it's proposed agitation against the state Chief Secretary for the larger interest of the communities stating that the CS was probably not properly briefed on the proceedings during the 20th September meeting at Banquet Hall here with the ministry of Tribal Affairs Secretary.

And in order the diffuse the tension, the state government has constituted a fact finding team comprising of RWD Minister Chowna Mein, Industries Minister Tanga Byaling, Education Minister Tatar Kipa, Parliamentary Secretary Thajam Aboh and MLA Kameng Dolo to look into the matter leading to controversy and the team would submit its report within 3 months.

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  • atu nyia

    this problem has arisen becos successive governments have bowed down to the blackmail by a bunch of uneducated hooligans,every time they threatened bandh.
    why should only one group act like the owner of whole state, beating others at will, taking their land even inside compound,imposing huge fines and all sorts of dictatorial activities?
    is it not time for the suffering people from all parts of ap to stand together and oppose this dictatorial treatment?should the suffering people from all parts of ap not petition their mla's to vote to shift the capital to a place where other people are not treated like animals to be beaten and killed at will?
    should these lawless hooligans not be put in jail without bail if they continue with another reasonless bandh?

  • Abotani'sDaughter

    This whole controversy makes me wonder whether ANSU has done anything to uplift society, has it benefited anyone?

    Has it done anything to educate their own people, improve the economic situation for their own community?

    Why should anyone have to apologise? I don't think they will ever be able to be rid of the stigma and shame of being hooligans and savages no matter how many times they change their names especially when they keep indulging in such energy and time wasting activities instead of studying and being worried about their own future, would make good future bank robbers if they continued this way.

    Everyone and everything is Anti Nyishi according to their own imagined perception.

    They remind me of the Taliban who are fortunately no more after having ruined their own country. I wish the NYISHI leaders had some common sense.

  • chow maung manpoong

    yes atu nia, you r right.

    We r all fed up of this one-group goondaism. All AP peeple should now tell there leaders to shift the capital from these goondaland to a more civielized place whre all people r treated equal.

    We should not become punching bag of one single uncvilized group.


    I wonder what happen to NISHI ELITE SOCIETY and all NISHI LEGISLATURES ? why they keep mum, if ANSU can go to such extent There should be comments from them. Changing nomenclature must be a demand of entire NISHI, if so, Their involvement was must. their comment would really help Govt to decide weather demand of student union for CS removal is right or not.

  • tenzing gyatso lharmu

    richo u are expecting too much...

    teh Ansu must be working on order of NES n MLAs....

    by Not condemning them they have proofed they support ansu.
    all AP people are sufferin from local Taliban.only solution is shifting capital like other ap friends say .Then local taliban can continuue cutting each other after we shif teh capital.

  • Dumporijo ajeng

    khcnjzWHY is that every few MONTHS the ANSU has to stage bandhs and keep WHOLE state aat ransom because one person or other is "ANTI-NISHI"?

    Everyone and everything has been accused of this anti-nishi virus.

    Even Governor, CM, RGU students, People on the road, maybe birds and fishes too.

    WHY dont ANSU introspect why EVERY tribe of AP and all non-tribals consider them a liability and a destructive entity?

    Do names like Daffla make them bad? NO it is behaviour which gives good or bad meaning.

    Maybe Nishang elites should find out why everybody is "ANTI-NISHANG" than blaming all arunachal and non-arunachal??

  • yasiyalow

    Two great french philosphers and thinkers, Voltaire and Rousseau were near contemporaries. They both had radical ideas about society and government, but their ideas were poles apart. What Voltaire said of Rousseaou has become one of the most frequently quoted quote. Voltaire said," I dont agree with whatever he {Rousseou}says, but I will give my life to defend his right to say what he wishes to say."
    Let me also say that Nishis have all the right to express their resentment, but I do not agree with the way they hold the people of Arunachal to ransom.
    I remember some time back, AG had posted about Bandhs in Ziro, and we all were against the Bandh but were with the cause. There are ways to register our protest and resentment other than Bandhs.
    However acts of ANSU does not entail tagging whole Nishi tribe with derision. Each of our tribe in their place do exhibit some manner of rowdism. Very so often, some immature youth organisation in Ziro calls for Banhs, but this Bandhs doesnt reflect over all perspective of people of Ziro. More people should come out in such forum and express their resentments over the banhs in a mature and cultured manner and resist from name calling and levelling whole tribe or community with derisive terms.

  • lobsang

    you too will start using honest words to start describing these barbarians once they beat you up inside your own home(becouse your dog barked at them), or these low-class taliban beat you up and imposed fine on you and then confiscated your car becouse one drunken taliban drove his stolen motorcycle into your car from the wrong side.

    i second all members who want to shift capital from this place of violent ,lazy,parasitic,dirty,uncivilized stone age neanderthals. i am even open if the capital is shifted to a remote place like walong or bumla or taksing if it let me escape talibans.

  • Rome Mele

    I was wondering, Why the strikes organised by Idu students in roing, against DAMs didnt find much interests among other tribes of AP, and why it was only upto dam people to agitate against them? Sense of indifference ?
    And now this nomenclature issue, which has given some serious jolts to the govt functionaries, to make them aware of why Nyishi people are crying for this much needed changes in their name . I respect their demands, but am quite surprised by the governments difference of concerns, comparing the Dam and Nomenclature issue. Maybe, one has to be the local of Capital to make their voices heard.
    I wished, I had my own capital, Roing.

  • Tsering

    romele,that iz becos Idus don go around cutting up other tribes,burning buses and beating officegoing public while they themself live by extorting fine from other tribal and non-tribal and never work

  • lobsang

    so the CS has been sacrificed to satisfy the illegal lust of the taliban cavemans.
    very soon taliban caveman will ask dorjee khandu himself to resign and give cm post to a caveman






  • Abotani'sDaughter

    Reply@Nyishi Son

    Yes, Arunachal belongs to all the above people, it is not your personal property.


    Itanagar was chosen as the capital because it did not belong to anyone. Jawaharlal Nehru the then prime minister chose it as the capital because it was neutral land and did not belong to anyone . Nyishi area is Kimin, Joram, ,Raga, Yazali. Itanagar is not your personal property.


    Itanagar is arunachal land for arunachalis and by arunachalis which means
    Bugun (Khowa)
    Hill Miri
    Lisu (Yobin)
    Miji (Sajolang/Damai)
    Ran (tribe)
    Lhoba (Idu, Yidu, Midu, Kera-ah)
    Theravada Buddhist
    Yes, we do live quietly because we work hard to take care of our family to educate our sons and daughters,to make friends with our neighbours and other tribes and have respect for everyone.
    We don't have the time to rob banks, impose fines, create problems for everyone else because we are honest and good citizens.


    And how are you are you going to do that? Will you kick and punch the computer? Please go ahead. Most people who blogs and post comments are very educated and intelligent people who have worked hard to become important people. I am sorry you will not be able to touch the mud on their shoes.

    Lastly go back to KG school and learn to read and write and spell correctly before barking in here.

  • Abotani'sDaughter


    Maybe you think it is a question of opinion but..
    The issue is what is RIGHT or WRONG.
    Most people are not anti nyishi, I am sure they have Nishi friends and they are nice people but hooligans are hooligans. It is not about Nyishis.
    It is about hooliganisms, public terrorism, trampling other peoples rights. I am sure anybody will speak up against regardless of tribe, caste, social background.


    I DONNO WHO IS NISHI SON, HE HIMSELF IS ANTI-NISHI. I don't have time to reply and guestion THIS BASTARD.
    To AG
    I want to hear comment from you . . whats this READ IT.


    sorry there's mistake click below


  • yasiyalow

    Hi freinds, I wish to request all the forummers on board to desist from name calling or levelleing any particular tribe with any disparaging remarks or use any abusive language.
    The forum I suppose was brought out to analyse the good and bad of Bandf culture that is slowly gripping everyday life of Arunachalees.
    Perusal through previous post will show thatAG and rest of forummers from Ziro have condemned the Banhs whenever any Bandh was called in Ziro by some or the other organisation, althoughthe cause was noble and desrving protest.
    Nishis had a genuine problem regarding their nomenclature, and this problem I understand because struggle for change has been there for as long as I remember.
    Moreover, Mr. Tabom Bam himself might not above board. For last 10-15 yaers I have been hearing humours of his attempts to differentiate between Galongs and Minyongs and change the term Adi as it doesnot reflect any particular tribe. Moreover, my contacts with bureaucrats and civilservants have left impression of Mr. Bam as deeply parochial and nepotist in his approach, and keeps bearing perpetual grudge against certain other tribes, glaringly favouring his near and dear ones.
    Even otherwise we all try to take advantage of being natives of place. There are occasional beating up of Gallongs at Pasighat and beatings of Minyongs at Along, so is the case in Roing between Adis and the locals, and so also in Tirap and Changlang. Way back in 1996-97 when I visited Miao, there was strong anti outsider{ other AP tribes} wave, although Chakma problem was burning right infront of their doors. There are such misunerstandings between Tagins and Gallongs in Daporiji, between Nishis and Apatanis, within Apatanis, there are inter village problems trying to to assert themselves within their sphere of influence. So is problem between local Nishis villages surrounding Itanagar and those Nishis who have come from Nyopin Palin or Bangnis from Seppa.
    Having said that, let me say that this topic was meant to bring out postive and negative sides of Bandh culture and was not intented to berate any particular tribe. We, the Arunachal tribe are birds of same feather, trying to spread our wings to catch up with five thousand year old civilization. What is true about behaviour of particular is by and far true about other tribe also . Twenty thirty years that has passed in our history out of several millenium s of isolation, to be with rest of world is a very very small time frame. We have not yet crossed the infantile stage in the human civilizations time frame. It will take time to grow for the society, but as far as my opinion goes we are growing magnificently at dizzying speed. There some toothing problems and immature aspects in our behavious,but then this are expected from growing and vibrant society.





  • Rome Mele

    @yasi :
    I second you. and appreciate the way you've expressed your thoughts. very sensible.

    I don't think our frustrations over the hooligans of Itanagar would ever end. Its just a sad part, of being associated with a capital, where you are not allowed to sense it as yours. Capital should have been in Assam. :)

    Maybe, the diversity of arunachal, that we so much boast is just a curse.

    The Nyishi son, has just exemplified, the points of extremities of Tribalism, that people are so much afraid about.

    I hope we can have a new capital or demand for it, once we're positioned strongly. And am strongly for it.... just one sided development, plagued with mass corruption in all the stratas of society.... and our journey to deprivation, is certainly a thing that we need to ponder upon. Sooner the better.
    God save Arunachal.

  • yasiyalow

    Sorry guys,I was in a hurry, so I didnot correct my grammer, spellings or punctuations as and where it was needed.
    Abotani daughter:- Itanagar as a capital was chosen at the time of Indira Gandhi i.e long after Nehru's death. And it was chosen by KAA Raja after paying a flying visit to present location of capital by a chopper. Capital was initially proposed at various places like Basar, Pasighat, Yachuli, etc but native people of proposed sites for capital were not ready to donate land for the purpose. I think it was decided because of its historical importance and also because it didnot precisely belong to any particular tribe as can be seen from existence of ruined fort. But then, this is only my guess.
    You rightly pointed out that this topic was intended to look at growth of hooliganism and ill effects of Bandh culture and not against any tribe. I have spent best part of my life in Nishi dominated areas and best of my happy and productive moments have been with Nishi friends. It was not the question of whether Mr. Tabom Bam was right or wrong, but the question was of whether the path opted to right the wrong is right or wrong.

    NISHI SON :- I think abotani daughter is not an apatani ....Smiles ... Albeit, my friendship and acquintance with abotani group of tribes like Gallong, Minyong, Tagins, Hill Miris, Mishings, Apatani, Nishi etc have revealed that each tribe claims to be real descendent of Abotani and other tribes as children of Doje, uuyi, baro piicha etc. But the culture and custom and the rituals that are perfomed by all the tribes shows that they have descended throgh same lineage. I hope next inter tribe clash or Bandh will not be on the question of who is real descendent of Abotani. Such absurdities .... he he he...laughs.. again.
    Muscle power is appreciated and will be appreiated more if it can get some medals at national or internatinal levels. Do not limit it to Joram top or Boa simla. Sincerely. ... Smiles again to beckon you all ...
    This reminds me of a TV interview of famous US rock star. When he was asked, if he was given a chance to fight a duel with any historical figure, whom will he choose. He gives a sheepish smile and replies, " Of Course, Gandhi". Cute reply. huh!

    ROME MELE :- I like your blogg. And I love the way you use your words and sentences to make your points clear. I have tried atleast twice to post replies to your blogs but either computer or power went kaput each time. But then, this is not an excuse, rite. There is maturity in your thoughts way beyond your age which is tinged with youthful spirit. Keep it up. I will be there very soon.

  • Buru

    Yasiyalow(Does that mean Shadow?),

    Your commentary are appreciated and seconded. I urge AG to delete the 'Hotmails':)

    Re capital:
    Actually I had read somewhere(dont know where,forgot;)that there was a small(very small,perhaps few houses from description)Nyishi village near the present Itafort gate which was moved(voluntarily after monetary compensation)when the capital was formed. I have spoken to people who have actually taken part in the initial clearing of leech-infested jungles--and it was perfectly desolate otherwise, all around. At any rate, it IS within Nyishi dominions(AND arunachal dominions just so the issue is clear).

    The capital was initially proposed in Pasighat-->Along-->Basar-->Ziro-->Yachuli-->Talley Valley and finally Itanagar because the oversmart people of those areas didnt want to 'donate' land--a step they regret bitterly now:)
    Itanagar being uninhabited was finally 'çhosen'.Are you aware that road to Talley Valley was completed approx1974 and then abandoned because of territorial dispute between Apatani and Nyishi(I used to think it was pure Apatani domain, esp as Nyishis in earlier times used to detest marshy areas)?I have been there, and the RCC road marks/memorials are still to be seen!

  • Abotani'sDaughter

    Nyishi Son,

    I feel sorry for you and your people. There is a lot of poverty in your community.
    The people in Raga, Joram and further interiors do not have the basic amenities like proper education, hospitals and drinking water etc.
    Has ANSU done anything about that?

    If you feel that by threatening anyone, that makes a difference to your situation then go ahead do what pleases you. No one is scared of barking dogs.
    As to who runs this website, I don't know. This is just a blog. Well there are many other websites and there will be others in the future.There will be proper websites in the future. Will you be able to stop that? I don't think so. Not unless you went back to school.

    I am just really saddened to see the condition of our beautiful state.
    I just happen to think that political organisations are misusing stupid people like you to further their gains.You are a pawn in a political chess board and at the end you will be sacrificed. Understand? I don't think you do.

    As to whose land it is? Historically, the abotani tribals i.e adi, nishi, apatani are migrants and did not even live here but it's pointless to talk about the past history. It is the future that matters.

  • Abotani'sDaughter

    I am neither Nishi, Apatani or Adi and so might be the other people who comment on here.Arunachal is made up of many different tribes.
    I might even not be from Arunachal.
    I might even not be from India.

    But one thing I will surely do is comment on what is wrong or right.
    Maybe I should have my own blog to voice my views but I don't really have the time to do that.
    I am really tempted open my own website to write about the misuse of political power in Arunachal and give some politicians and poltician wannabes sleepless nights. Maybe someday I will do that

    The power of the internet is that you can speak out against wrongs, influence others, have your views and nope Nyishi Son no one can control the internet. No government(china, america) on earth has been able to do that.

  • Bomken

    This time I support Nyishi Bhais. This guy sometimes crosses the limit and tries to show his power. I think he has learnt a good lesson. Cheers to Nyishi bhais!!!

  • lobsang

    i will support your great nishi gidu baiyyas when they beat you up next bomken.
    we don care cs bam is good or bad, we should not support undemocratic antisocial bandh of ansu .
    tomorow they may beat you next then you will know

  • AG

    I'm literally shocked to see some of the comments out here and that's when I started to believe that we are growing. I'm sorry to say that I've found some comments utterly ridiculous and childish. Instead of understanding the real issue that lay ahead of us some are posting nonsensical and racists comments. I know, it doesn't mean that what one feel about the issue-the other should agree with him/her. But there is a better way to disagree with others other than threatening. Come on grow up and put matured comments. So, I request all of you to refrain from calling names or as 'Buru' has put it, I may not have choice left but to enable comment moderation/edit/ delete comments, which I don't want to do as I want every Arunachalee to voice their views.

    Here, I won't and it wouldn't be possible for me to reply to each of the comments that has been made so far when I was away. But, I surely would like to ask a question to Nyishi Son.

    @ Nyishi Son,
    Don't you think the act of yours would build a negative image of your community? Do think and post maturely.

  • Bomken

    Hi Lobsang,

    Hoping to meet you soon....take care.

  • Nightscape

    I got back to this blog after a hiatus...and was stumped! So much of rancour is unbelievable. Most people here seem to be spewing venom instead of maturely participating in dialogues and discussions.

    I believe there are three points on which so much ink has been spilt in this blog. But before that, let me make one thing clear: I am a Nyishi, just so that we get some sort of a perspective here. Now on to those three points:

    1. Firstly, was Tabom Bam in the wrong for intervening of behalf of the Galos in a discussion about the change of nomenclature for Nyishis? Can his action be construed as anti-Nyishi as the ANSU is making it out to be? Prima-facie, I would NOT say that his action was anti-Nyishi. He was only articulating an aspiration of the Galos. But was it an officially inept step, seeing that focus needed to be maintained on the issue at hand? Maybe, maybe not. But the benefit of the doubt should have been given to him since he withdrew his appeal. So, the big noise that the ANSU is making seeking his removal is unjustified, unless they have evidence that the chap has a history of anti-Nyishi actions.

    2. Secondly, is the "bandh call" for the removal of Chief Secretary Bam legitimate or not? Is it mobocracy or a justifiable step? If the premise is that Bam's action was not anti-Nyishi (unless evidences of the sort are available from his past doings) and just an officially awkward step (for which he has asked to be excused)then the whole "bandh-hartal" thing is unjustified.

    3. Thirdly, should the whole Nyishi community be vilified for demands put forth by the ANSU? Going by the comments posted in this blog, the Nyishis are:
    the "local Taliban", "barbarians", "low-class taliban","violent,lazy,
    parasitic,dirty uncivilized stone-age neanderthals", "taliban caveman", and they "go around cutting up other tribes,burning buses and beating office going public while they themself(sic) live by extorting fine from other tribal and non-tribal and never work"...whew!
    A non-Arunachali reading the above descriptions would assume that the other communities of A.P have reached the pinnacle of civilization, while the Nyishis are still growling, snarling, cutting, beating and chopping away in a red haze of hatred for everyone else. Seriously people, is this picture of the Nyishis accurate? I admit we are an aggressive bunch of people, and we do get on the wrong side of the law more often than I care to admit. But you do have to take socio-historical realities into consideration. We have one of the lowest literacy rates in the state, we do not have the calming institutions of a keba/kebang, Buddhism/Hinduism or chieftainship. We live on some of the wildest and unyielding lands of Arunachal, where each man has to fend for himself. In short, the physical and social environment has bred in the Nyishi an unyielding and hostile character, this much I agree. But are we barbarians because of that? Going by popular perceptions there are other communities (I will not name them, both because I believe these perceptions to be stereotypes and and also that they are not good for amity)which are dirtier, more cowardly, insidiously cunning, effeminate, breed social inequality/class differentiation...etc. Let me repeat: I do not subscribe to this views. It is just to make the point that the whole community should not be castigated, whatever the excuse, unless they wholeheartedly take part in something like the genocide of the Kukis carried out by the Nagas, or massacres of alleged Bangladeshis (e.g, Nellie Massacre-1980's)by the ULFA (Note the term: ULFA not Assamese). As much as I sympathise with fellow-Arunachalis who have had to suffer the excesses of the Nyishis, I believe that had the capital been in some other place, the local populace/tribe of that place would have emerged as the villain of the piece. So please don't demean the whole community unless you want crack-pot, attention-seeking, virulent, ANTI-NYISHI people like Nyishi Son to jabber away.

    Let us learn to live together.

  • yasiyalow

    Nice to see you post again, Nightscape. Your comments on the matter carries much water and hope it will douse the acrimonious feelings that has been raging in this forum for sometime and sober up those, whose sentments were whipped up by some rabble rouser.
    In a multi-cultured society like ours, we need to be more objective and practical in our approach and attitude and more mature in addressing contentious issues. Giving away to emotions and sentiment is to encourage rabble rousers to play with peoples sentiment at the slightest of pretext.
    My experience of various parts of India and abroad makes me realise that, whenever I look back to Arunachal, I cant help but smile at the gracious way our society has grown in leaps and bounds and HAS BEEN SPARED OF DEADLY STRIFE that has been hallmark of social growth with multi racial and multi ethnic population. This is, when I keep the larger aspect of Arunachal as a whole and consider occasional apatani -nishi, galo-minyong, idu-adi-mishmi spats as a part of social growth, which is trivial and at times healthy. Nothing deadly Naga-Kuki, hmar-mizo, hutu-tutsi, serb-albanians etc has befallen till now. This may just be beacause, we have had this safety valve blow up at times. Infact, at times I consider it as a necessary phase of our social growth as we become more aware of ourselves and our priorities in life. Every society needs a safety valve, a number of small fuse to blow over and prevent large scale destruction. Bottled up emotions, if not vented out at right time, is ought to burst with a bang.
    No, I dont condon these occasional riots that takes place. What I am advocating is that, we learn to have larger heart to accomodate each others differences, learn to keep our space and keep space for others aspirations. Learn to accept the fact that with multi- multi tribal culture, our aspirations will clash at times and learn to deal such differences with eyes wide open without being blinded by emotion.
    During my collge days, people from other tribes used to play up between Apatani-and Nishi as their occasional fightings were well know. Both Apatani and Nishi used to end up as everyones butt of joke and none but the miscief mongers enjoyed themselves.
    Protest as such is not bad, but the manner in which this protests are demonstrated is more important. Its my wish that we nuture a positive protest culture, may be a step at a time, and no matter how long we take to grow.

  • Buru

    Excellent and down-to-earth analysis.
    Though I am sure you noted it, I want to put this into print again for the less vigilant to take note:

    One group of posters(minority) let their personal experiences/prejudices cloud their reason and let loose racist and derogatory words--these we need to ignore.Hope time will clear their prejudices.

    The other group has targeted ANSU(not Nyishi) for this(and past)destructive agitations.Note this is not against ANSU per se ,or all of its actions but only against its destructive roles.If tomorrow any other organization from any other part of AP does something similar we will condemn them too.

    I am glad that the educated amongst the Nyishis are aware of the grievances of others and working on it.The Nyishis must also remember that being in territorial control of the capital area it is very tempting to fall for strongarm measures against others @individual or collective levels which will bring them infamy.So Nyishi leaders &educated have that extra responsibility to ensure a more measured response from their kinfolk,bring up literacy & living standards and make their tribe the torchbearers of progress in the state or country.This applies to everybody else too everywhere.
    (*Excuse me for being a pedant, but Nellie massacre was done by Assamese villagers, not ULFA. ULFA was in its infancy in those days)

  • nyishi son

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  • Nightscape

    no one can accuse you of being pedantic. I stand corrected. Fact is, I had been reading about the Nellie massacre and other happenings of the earlier years in tandem with what the ULFA has been doing in the recent past. Got muddled.:-)

    Anyway, my point is that we haven't had an inter-community conflict of that magnitude. And the wisest course would be to keep it that way by engaging in dialogues rather than in castigations.

  • RV

    Well, felt very sad to read the whole chain of blogs.
    Being a non-Arunachali(non-tribal as it is called over there) who is brought up in Arunachal now staying miles and miles away in the lovely memories of land of Arunachal,this is not what I expected.

    This is one of the states in India which has show the best examples of unity in diversity.We represented peace and harmony when our neighboring states other states in India where fighting out communal confits and riots.

    My dear brothers and sisters we all know how much we are lagging behind in comparision to the other states in India in all aspects despite having the potential to become one of the prosperous states in India.

    Come on be united,rather than fighting and spreading hatred.

    From media(PM visit) I have came to know about a lot of development activites going to happen in our wonderful state.
    Lets all be a part of it and make Arunachal Pradesh the Face of the nation.

    Missing you Arunachal.
    Your`s son RV

  • AG

    The attitude shown by some of the commentators to this post is indeed quite sad. Let's pray & hope that people would grow up and would not take things in a communal way but in a way-what is good and bad for growth and development of this state.

    With INR 10,000 crore grant announced by the PM, it is only hoped that we would see development in reality. Or would we? Let's wait and watch.

  • Anonymous

    After going through all the vitriolic comments made on the Nyishis in this blogspot it appears to me that this is a favourite rendezvous point for all the ethnocentric, dogmatic, sectarian and petty-minded people for whom it is still difficult to respect the cultural diversity of Arunachal Pradesh. No matter where each of our tribes stand today socio-economically, the fact remains that except for the Monpas and Khamptis, WE ALL WERE BARBARIANS. I am a Nyishi and I do personally oppose the stand of the ANSU because I feel that Mr. Tabom Bam has as much concern for his tribe as I have about mine. But at the same time people should try to understand the sensitivity of the issue of name change, which the Nyishis have been longing for more than a decade now.
    As for the ARSEHOLE who runs this website, PLEASE REMOVE ALL THE DEROGATORY ethnocentric comments made by these bunch of scumbags and schmucks with various 'undercover' names... OR ELSE BE READY FOR LEGAL PROCEEDINGS. This aint no laughing matter dude!
    And by the way I choose to be anonymous because I don't wanna be a registered user for a crap website such as this which has proven its anti-Nyishi stance.

  • mara054

    Its been so sad & ashamed to know that "Arunachal Diary" become the diary of Nishing-Dafla, Apatani-Tanang, Adi-Abhor, Nocte-Tangsa etc etc......... Kudos to AD for letting me know all the Tribes and Sub-Tribes of Arunachal Pradesh. So far I have the impression of Arunachal being "UNITY IN DIVERSITY" "LAND OF RISING SUN" but blogs in AD tells completely a different story i.e. DIVERSITY IN UNITY & LAND OF SETTING SUN.

    Some belong to Educated, intelect and self claimed civilised society belong to one Tribe calling society of other as TALIBAN which for me itself speaks how much civilised they are. I'm sure a civilised man will call Taliban to certain section of people and will never use such a derogatory word like TALIBAN. On the other hand any one who promotes hooliganism by saying like "I will kick you off" is certainly not belong to any community/society. Most probably this is the reason we are still being considered TRIBAL (which means uncivilised).

    Lastly my humble and earnest request to AD is not to published any bad mouth words which is bitter to hear. Please don't allow to exchange provoketive word amongst the youth of Arunchal. If this is allowed continually, i can clearly foresee that, that day is not far away when the people of Arunachal will stripe for killing each other. And if the words-war are allow exchange through blogging then the greatest HOOLIGAN will be ARUNACHAL DIARY who running this blogging.

    I like reading update of Arunachal Pradesh in AD as i'm away from my homestate throughout the year. The informations available in AD are very informative. But please don't convert Arunachal Diary into Adi-Apatani-Nishi-Taging-Nocte-Wancho.......Diary.

    Good Luck!

  • Anonymous

    [vitriolic comments made on the Nyishis in this blogspot]
    now look who is 'ethnocentric'?

    [ethnocentric, dogmatic, sectarian and petty-minded people for whom it is still difficult to respect the cultural diversity of Arunachal Pradesh]

    ur post is indeed a great example of ethnocentric, dogmatic, sectarian and petty-minded people.

    u have proved you are *still* a barbarian:)

    [ARSEHOLE who runs this website]
    but then u are speaking from ur ***hole:)

    [bunch of scumbags and schmucks with various 'undercover' names]

    and u have 'no name'?u are either 'nishi son' or person who started figt in begining.

    [This aint no laughing matter dude!]
    ha ha good joke dude!

    [PLEASE REMOVE ALL THE DEROGATORY ethnocentric comments]

    funny fellow ,asking ag to remove his own comments:))

    [I choose to be anonymous because..]
    because ' i am a woman without courage'?
    oh threat by ananymous woman..i think u are nishi son again?

    look at nightcape above to see how a real nishi speaks .

  • Anonymous

    You bet it, I hate this blog site because it is run by an arsehole with rightfully worded initials 'AG' for 'Arsehole + Gandu' who I guess is an unemployed, low income, dumbwit who has nothing else to do but put ups some crap blogsite showcasing how wonderfully inter-tribal enmity thrives in Arunachal (look how insensible this scumbag is) and even occassionally writes comments as an anonymous commentator to save his skin. We all heaved a sigh of relief when this blogsite crashed a few months ago. It was, I should say "GOOD RIDDENCE". Bad for Arunachal, that this blogsite managed to come up online...this jobless Mr. AG (Arsehole + Gandu) must have had all the time in this world to do that. Recently there was this national issue of conscription in the military. I think AG (Arsehole + Gandu) needs to be the first to be conscripted in the Army and sent to Nagaland to have a few NSCN bullets up in his arse, then he'll be able to appreciate how difficult it is to maintain the integrity of this nation. Wake up dear AG (Arsehole + Gandu)and wipe up all the ethnocentric comments (including this dimwit Nyishi son).

    Long live Arunachal Unity!

  • Anonymous

    Mr.Above anonymous…

    You bet it….You would certainly like to have a reply from another anonymous, the kind of breed I hate the most, and which as of now, I’ve forced myself to turn into one.
    Why does it bother you that, AG is an unemployed, low income, dumbwit fellow.
    Just because, he has given a platform for all to come up and speak aloud the truths which as a matter of fact is something not allowed in Arunachal because of galore of breeds like you.
    Why does it bother if he/she is unemployed or low income?
    How many in Arunachal do you really come across who are employed or high net person, doing such kind of commendable job ?

    Ya…. You bet it… I bet it… everyone who visits this blog bet it…
    That… You hate the popularity and the contents of this blog.
    Refer us your blog, if you’ve any….
    If not… just cut your crap down.
    Where in Arunachal do you reside? Do you seriously believe the existence of 100 or atleast 60% peaceful co existence of tribes? I bet none of us who has visited or stayed in Itanagar or any town would have agree even an iota of the statistics you could probably forge and come up with.
    I hate your kind of scumbags, full of anguish for creative works, Other word to suit it the most would be jealousy. You just made the whole, discussion an inter tribe fight, not as AG had intended it would be. Arunachal can certainly never be in peace because its filled with so many other scumbags like you.

    It would be a “GOOD RIDDENCE” if Arunachal is freed of imposterous people like you.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Arsehole + Gandu,
    I should say you are pretty perturbed...feels good. Your blogspots not something to be labelled 'creative'...get your grammer right. Your website epitomizes what the common sense says 'parochial and destructive' (to the image of Arunachal). Your reply to my previous message surely does confirm my earlier suspicion - YOU ARE 100% RURAL MINDED (or should I say GAOLIYA in Arunachal slang).

    ..and yeah by the way onelast word "YOU SUCK, FUCKER"

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous says: "Your website epitomizes what the common sense says 'parochial and destructive' (to the image of Arunachal). Your reply to my previous message surely does confirm my earlier suspicion - YOU ARE 100% RURAL MINDED (or should I say GAOLIYA in Arunachal slang)."

    If a perfect gentleman like AG is labelled as above by you, what should we label you who uses words like----ethnocentric, dogmatic, sectarian , petty-minded,arsehole,scumbags,schmucks,crap,ani-nyishi,unemployed, low income, dumbwit,Gandu,jobless,up his arse,100% rural minded,suck fucker,Gaoliya and what not??

    ..and teaching grammar to AG when he spells it as grammEr ,Riddance as RiddEnce LOL!

    If you are a sample of what a Nyishi(you claim to be one) is then god save your people from the likes of you.

  • Abotani's Daughter

    To the anonymous who has been posting abuse towards AG,

    I was not going to reply to a such a degraded individual but I don't think AG deserves the scorn and abuse you are pouring on him. He has done nothing but provide a service to all those people who are unable to access news back at home. And that includes for the Nyishis. If you haven't been blind, you would have read that he wrote that Nyishis should get what they have been agitating for.

    People generally hate aggression, that doesn't mean that they hate a community.
    Stop wasting your time because you are only making a fool of yourself. You are coming across as a moron by being abusive. Using abusive words does not make you any brave or macho but only shows how stupid ignorant and insecure you are.

  • Anonymous

    "If you are a sample of what a Nyishi(you claim to be one) is then god save your people from the likes of you"
    This prove your credentials Mr. ARSEHOLE + GANDU. This shows how parochial and subversive you are. This blogsite is no service to the people of Arunachal rather it is an EYESORE for the otherwise pristine and peaceful fatherland of ours. Did I hear you say CREATIVE? Kiss my ass you put up this crap blogsite in a format already provided by I guessed you are a low income guy coz you don't have the fuckin resources to buy yourself a web domain. Arunachal News (created by Hage Yaapa) is something I'll admit is really creative and the website DOES NOT CONTAIN INFLAMMATORY CONTENT like yours, sucker. I'd be happy if this blogsite was carefully maintained and that includes censuring ethnocentric statements by genetic schmucks or should I say Nyishi phobics.

    Give me a break lads, this fuckin blogsite aint no good for getting news from Arunachal. AG is a half baked netizen and epitomizes the heights of irresponsiblity. May God help you asshole...I am sure you'll end up as nobody in life due to your obessession with petty things like maintaining a crap blogsite which claims to be popular but is not, which claims to be creative but is not.

    Find some good job to keep yourself busy with something more productive and something more worthwhile.

    ..and mind you, I have not said all this while one bad thing about any tribe of Arunachal because unlike you, the unity of Arunachal comes first and then anything else. I write this against you not beacuse I am trying to defend Nyishi as a Nyishi but I am defending Nyishi as a Arunachalee. If tomorrow I see anything written against Apatani, Monpa, Galo, Adi, Nocte, etc. in this blogsite and you do not remove them, I'll still write criticisms. Now I do not have time (unlike you) to remain tied down to squabbles forever coz I have a good job to keep myself busy and so I'll try not to add up your commentary list unless you still got something to put up (as anonymous!).

  • speechmaker

    lets not let what is written on this blog as comments reflect on the person hosting it. more importantly, lets have some restraint before using words which serve no other purpose than flaring tempers rather than solve and contribute to a discussion.
    what has been discussed here has been the about whether ANSU's demands are right and the action taken is justified.
    but i will focus on the pressing issue right now, of whether it is AG's responsibility to moderate comments. In my opinion it is personal choice of allowing what is natural and not to interrupt the discussion taking place, else could he not have simply deleted the personal comments on him? what he is hinting at without saying is that thoughts cannot be restricted, and voicing them respectfully will allow a good discussion to take place, and that name-callers will naturally 'grow-up'.
    i implore all readers and commenters, desist from using words and targeting individuals.

  • arunachali

    So much told and heard. Who's scum and who's the epitome of unending showers of creativities is quite visible.

    Dear AG, a suggestion for you, remove the option of anonymous postings.
    And for the ANONYMOUS CRITIC of AG's intelligence....

    I hope the creative genius, or I should say, the so much self heralded gentleman, should atleast let the people here know, and assess who's speaking to whom.
    Let the self acclaimed critic of CREATIVITY come up, so that we can be very genuine if you're not one of the dumbwit scumbags who's so much personifies the lad gone astray, or did I say 'Dumb Ass' gone astray.

  • EmoreL

    Unity ?

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