Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Arunachal News - A Community Driven News network

Quite sometimes back when I Googled the keyword Arunachal Times, I was quite surprised & happy to find that The Arunachal Times (the State Daily) had an online presence; only to be disappointed later to find that the site was in development stage (see my earlier post on this here). To my utter disbelief, the site has disappeared now (I was thinking that they would make the site functional soon). Now in an effort to keep people abreast of the happenings in the state, a group of Arunachalee students and professionals outside the state has put in their effort to develop a site called Arunachal News (see snapshot below) to bring in news about Arunachal, be it small or big, to the interested person around the world.

What is it?

It is basically a community driven news network, where you submit a story, a photo, a video etc., related to Arunachal Pradesh and it appears on the front page of the site based on the popularity (decided by votes, of course!). Sounds similar to digg ;). If you want to know more about the site, how to submit posts etc., you can find it here.

So, if you want to find assortment of news item, photos, videos, editorials etc., related to Arunachal Pradesh, head for Arunachal News .

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  • tanii_gal

    I really like this Arunachal news site and it seems to be getting more popular by the day. Hmmm Arunachal Diary team, you seem to have got competition! A healthy competition! lol.

    I was definitely disappointed with Arunachal Times. Firstly it was a badly designed website and then they decided to pull it out. What a defeatist attitude!

  • AG

    Yup Tanii gal, it seems we have a competitor now out there ;). Hope now people would have more sources/choices to get news about Arunachal.

  • Arif

    Today only I came to know about this site from other source before reading it in your blog. This is really a great effort and the launchers must be loudly appreciated.
    Its true that now you have a healthy rivalry but it is good for the cause of community. I wish you both will come up with desires of people.


    Subscribing your 'ARUNACHAL DIARY' is so helpfull especially the links that you provide are very helpfull, be it movies of apatani's by Heimendorf, results of JEE, Arunachal news etc . . GOOD WORK ! THANKS.


    Subscribing your 'ARUNACHAL DIARY' is so helpfull especially the links that you provide are very helpfull, be it movies of apatani's by Heimendorf, results of JEE, Arunachal news etc . . GOOD WORK ! THANKS.

  • buru

    AT will never catch up with AD in quality because AT has to worry about Govt advertisements and not AD.

  • AG

    @ Arif,
    Hope we are able to live upto the expectations.

    @ Richo,

    Thx for having that view on AD.

  • AN

    Hello AD! Thanks for the kind words. AN is a lot inspired by Digg :D I am a daily Digger myself. We have more plans for AN than just being a Digg clone though :)

    AD and AN are not competitors, we are more like 'complimentors' ;)


  • AG

    Thx for visiting.

    Yeah I thought the same too:)-we are more of a 'complimentor' than competitors.

    Anyways, nice job, keep it up.

  • Rome Mele

    Am very glad that, my dream of Arunachal being led by Youths, sensible and intellectual isn't that far after all.
    And this remarkable initiative by , Arunachal Diary and News alike, is sure to expedite the rat race of clear and transparent AP governance.

    Any media, have this pre notion of being associated with some political outfit, but I hope this Step by you guys(AD & AN) wouldn't be tagged with that,in later course of time.

    Lets pray for healthy burgeoning of class and broods alike who would define to stand by their responsibility for the betterment of their people.

  • AG

    Rome Mele,
    Thx for your kind words. Let's hope we live upto the expectation and bring unbiased analysis of the issues pertaining to Arunachal; though at times I may sound bit biased depending on the situation/turn of events that I encounter through local papers and not in reality. Nevertheless, it would be my endeavor to provide unbiased analysis/views on the issues that matters to Arunachal and it's people..

    And no, AD would never be tagged with any political party in due course of time.

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