Saturday, October 27, 2007

Guinness Record on Highest Guitar Ensemble

After setting Guinness Record on Highest Drum Ensemble during the Autumn Festival last year, MTDF (Meghalaya Tourism Development Forum) has put another feather in the cap by setting a new Guinness Record on Highest Guitar Ensemble during this Autumn Festival 2007-Rhythms of Meghalaya.

The record earlier set by 1721 guitarists on June 3, 2007 at Kansas City, US strumming Deep Purple's "Smoke on the Water" was broken by an ensemble of 1730 guitarists strumming Bob Dylan's classic number 'Knocking on Heaven's Door' for more than five minutes in perfect rhythm at J.N. Stadium, Shillong, Meghalaya on October 26th.

Kudos to MTDF for setting this new record. Now after Highest Drum and Guitar Ensemble, what next?

Read more about this event here & here.


  • Bomken

    wow! this is something North East should boast of.

  • Buru

    I beg to differ.

    The US or Japan can afford to do such gimmicks because they have a roaring economy which can support any number of misfits.But NE should concentrate on productive activities rather than time-wasting activities like guitar assemblies.

    (I would have cheered on if somebody won a guitar competition, but not this.i.e.quality not quantity)

  • AG

    I agree. Atleast one of the NE states would be reflected in the Guinness Record Books.

    I would say the feat was both quality and quantity and not quantity alone as you have suggested. Remember, the 'quantity' strummed Bob Dylan's classic 'Knocking on the Heaven's Door' in perfect harmony for five minutes.

  • anon_tanii_gal

    @Buru No offense but just a point,

    Well I suppose that the US economy is booming and they can support misfits but I wonder why has the dollar been devaluing against the rupee? It is the lowest at the moment and seems to go down more everyday. The Chinese and Indian economy is booming due to software and technology and low cost human resource in these countries.

    I say that it is a good effort by the northeasterners because music is appreciated by everyone whether it is rock or traditional music

    Personally I absolutely hate hip hop and heavy rock.

  • Buru


    I mean of all the news coming from NE this sort of 'record'has to come(other than violence).As such the NE are often derided as 'guitars'in North etc with some reason(our fellows are more interested in playing guitars than studies apparently); this type of news tend to cement the stereotype.
    In addition, Guinness records is a private profit-oriented enterprise, so it often encourages useless ,silly or atrocious 'records'for more publicity.For example ,GR for Longest Nails ,Longest Beard, Backdriving, Eating Chillies etc are held by Indians! Nothing to be proud of in my opinion(some people commit suicide if they fail to get a record).So tomorrow if a person collects 5000 people and asks them to stand on one leg for 5minutes it too would be given a 'record'I guess!
    Anyway thats one individuals opinion.To each his own.

    The Rupee and Yuan are RISING against almost all(not just the dollar) currencies because of their booming economies ,not because the American economy is receding(US economy is growing well too). I would have been exhilirated if the NE was a partner to this growth(the Centre is only partially responsible for our plight, the rest is ours)but every day we are falling behind others even farther (except at a superficial level like Western clothes and lifestyle).Thats my two cents.

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