Monday, October 1, 2007

Is the Eruption site still emitting heat and smoke?

When the residents of the Kimin area reported that the eruption site still emits heat and smoke-contrary to what we observed during our visit, there was no reason not to believe them. We decided to substantiate their report by paying yet another visit to the site. So did we visit the eruption site, but contrary to their report the site was as it was during our last visit-no heat, no smoke. The only change and a welcome change indeed, which we observed was, the shop for collecting entry fee was pulled down and no fee collector was at sight and the numbers of visitor were almost reduced to none. Perhaps, the curiosity of the people fizzled out just like the eruption of 21st August night that fizzled out after erupting lava like matters or melting of electric pole; whatever, making the shop to be pulled down.

The entry to the site

Entry Fee Counter (Pulled Down)

Entry Fee Collection Counter (Another angle)

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