Friday, October 5, 2007

Rise of Hooliganism!

When 2-Member Central Team visited the Nyishi inhabited areas of Arunachal Pradesh from 20th to 23rd September, to review the demand of nomenclature change by Nyishi Community from ‘Dafla’ to ‘Nyishi’; I felt quite happy for them thinking that finally, their long felt demand would see the light of the day. But, nowhere in my wildest of wild dreams did I imagined that this may be brewing out of this 2-Member Central Team’s visit whereby the All Nyishi Students’ Union (ANSU) had given ultimatum to the government to remove Chief Secretary Tabom Bam by October 13th, allegedly for his ‘anti-Nyishi’ stand; failure of which would invite 12 hr Capital Bandh on 15th October followed by 24 hrs Bandh on 22nd October in the Nyishi dominated areas.

Apparently, during the discussion at Banquet Hall, Itanagar, the Chief Secretary had proposed inclusion of nomenclature change of Galo community from ‘Gallong’ to ‘Galo’ in the agenda for presentation to visiting Central Team; which was subsequently dropped from the agenda on being objected by ANSU representatives.

However, his proposal for inclusion of nomenclature change for Galo's in the agenda for presentation to visiting Central Team didn't gelled down well with the ANSU representatives-terming Tabom Bam as 'anti-Nyishi', trying to interrupt the discussion with a deliberate motive to sabotage the entire presentation. The charge- the CS denies saying that he has equal respect for all the communities and that he had been trying hard with all his capacities so that the Nyishi community may get their rightful due. He is even ready to talk with the representatives of ANSU, feeling that there has been communication gap.

Here, what I failed to reason is that when the inclusion of nomenclature change of Galo's was dropped from the agenda on being objected by Nyishi representatives, why this hue and cry. I don't know exactly why the Gallong's or Galo's want their nomenclature changed, but may be the CS might have thought it's the right time and right forum to raise the issue for which they have been demanding since long; after all, all that have mattered was extension of tour by visiting Central Team. Would it have indeed affected the review of nomenclature change of Nyishi's from 'Dafla' to 'Nyishi'? I doubt. Then where is the question of sabotaging the initiative! Why this demand for removal of Chief Secretary? Is the demand politically motivated? Or is it the rise of 'hooliganism' or as Buru puts it a 'Public Terrorism'? Only if I knew, what NES (Nyishi Elite Society) has to say on this issue?

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  • atu nyia

    pathetic joke. even the plants and animals must be anti-nyishi by this logic;)


    Ha hah ha ... Very smart comment atu nyia ! The word "ANTI-NISHI" huh ! Governor, Chief minister, IG etc had to tender apology because they were ANTI-NISHI (?), besides there are many other occasion I come across people apologied for being anti-nishi be it DC P/pare, RGU election etc. This become trend of showing their might by calling Capital Bandh. I don't find any sort of anti in CS's activities. U rightly quote there may be political motivati

  • AG

    @ atu nyia & richo,

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