Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Was the Bangkok trip a success story or a farce?

Neglected, step-motherly attitude, lackadaisical attitude-these are the oft-repeated terms that we generally would be using against the Central Government for whatever state of development we are in. But, Hey! Wait. Isn’t it always easy to put the blame on others? Does the Central Government really at fault for overlooking the region? May be, but the question that comes to mind is- Are we really game for the development? It doesn’t seem so, when you look at the outcome of the four days North-East India Trade and Investment Opportunities Week at Bangkok; in Arunachal’s perspective.

To showcase the states potentials in the four day North-East India Trade and Investment Opportunities Week organized by DoNER Ministry in association with Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC) at Bangkok from 1-4 October, Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu led a contingent of whopping 32 delegates, of which 26 were MLA’s and rest party workers to that Business Conclave, making me wonder why local entrepreneurs were not made the part of the team. The delegates returned after the summit and CM announced with much aplomb that the show was a huge success with Arunachal Pavillion drawing huge attention, industrial houses showing interest in the state and a probable visit by Thai Delegates during the month of January or February to explore the investment opportunities.

“Chief Minister Dorjee Khandu informed that a high level Thai Ministrial delegation would visit Arunachal early next year to find out investment opportunities.”

-The Arunachal Times

Going by the statement of CM or what was made to believe through the local media, the first impression was-Hey! the Bangkok trip was a huge success evincing interest in the Thai industrial houses to invest in the state. Soon we would be having a huge FDI inflow and may see a spurt in development in the state. But was it a success story indeed?

Though the Bangkok trip was made out to be a huge success story, what amazed me was when Assam delegates led by it’s oh! so dynamic power minister Pradyut Bordoloi (I had this chance to audience him during the North East Power Mart 2007 at Kolkata and how I wished we had some legislators like him) was able to come up with FDI of more than 10 million USD for his state and 26 MoU’s signed during the summit what held our state back not to clinch even a single business deal? Was our team not competent enough to project our state as a state with huge investment potential in terms of infrastructural development, hydropower, agro-based industries, horticulture etc., during the summit? Or was it that it was just a pleasure trip rather than business for them, contrary to what the press release said?

“Overall the event ended with a very promising note and especially Arunachal Pradesh gained a lot with this exposure. In an informal chat with the Arunachal delegates later, Chief Minister congratulated all for showing the world that we are not here for the pleasure trip but we meant business and we achieved it.”

-Arunachal Front

But did they really meant Business? Going by what Patricia Mukhim writes in, it is apparent that the Arunachal delegates were least bit interested in the Business summit; rather they were more interested in vacationing. Khandu himself absconded after inaugural session. With that attitude, no wonder why the delegation led by Khandu was not able to clinch any business deal.

So, it was not a business trip after all but a pleasure trip for the politicians and their families and the entire success story that was splashed over local dailies was a farce.


  • taka

    how do we expect a third world country who is desperate for FDI itself (so desperate in fact to sell their women and children to foreigners sadly)to invest in the remotest,lawless and most infrastructure-weak part of the country is what eludes me!

    instead of building up infrastructure like roads and airports these people (DONER & politicians)are trying to hoodwink the public and swindle Central grants through such useless endeavours.and what do these dumb mlas know about economics when they dont know to manage their own illgotten money and waste it daily?

    after wasting taxpayers money I hope atleast they dont bring back 33 new AIDS cases;)

  • AG

    If Assam was able to generate FDI of 10 million USD and 26 MoU's, I'm damn sure we too could have generated some FDI and come up with MoU's, had our legislators marketed the trade and investment potential of the state well. But alas, all they were interested on was vacationing.

    Here I'd say DoNER had given opportunity to the NE States to rope in investors by showcasing their trade and investment opportunities but these states except for Assam was so cosy with the central grant that they forgot that their main motive of Bangkok Trip was to woo the investors; instead they just thought it as a pleasure trip. I agree that we haven't seen infrastructural development, airports etc., coming up in these regions for quite a long time but the question is-why couldn't we had seized this opportunity to woo investors for infrastructural development, airports (remember Green Field Airports) etc., but then, as you have said " what do these dumb mlas know about economics when they dont know to manage their own illgotten money and waste it daily?":)

    And let's pray, if they are not able rope in the investors atleast they don't bring back AIDS cases-lolz

  • Rome Mele

    Ya, we have always been vociferous about the stepmotherly treatment sided by the central for these backward regions of NE. But, we certainly miss to find the perpetrators or the actual reason for these apathy and eons of underdevelopments, which infact is nothing but a farce from these big time marauders of our state,aka the money laundering cabals of politicians and their swarm of greedy swines(babus).

    And We shouldn't miss this too... that they are our own bred of people, representing us... and what worse would it be of , they representing us. A representation of Insensible People... and is Arunachal plenty of that ? Not really, or else we wouldnt be bothering much here, at the first place.

    Hope they had a good time vacationing .... and 33representators ? Thats a sheer mockery of AP people... what are we? Grass and bakwass fed peoples?

    Do we seriously have to believe Khandu and his compatriots(all 23s and other chamchas) that, they were the perfect people to Learn the ethics of business or startups of economics?
    Or was that trip a handy one for them to learn few traits of being efficient in corruption?
    I guess, the Entrepreneurs would have been the perfect choice, if we really were serious about the implications of those foreign trips.
    But, maybe they had these DAMN DAMS on their mind. Might have learnt(i HOPE), how to build dams and amass crores even if it comes with making people landless. Wow.. they certainly are the first Indians. Great visions.

    But, guess what ? Our MLAs didn't want to miss those. Not happy with the money they loot from their own people.... certainly an inspiring folklores , our generation would be fed with.


  • Anonymous

    You people are right in saying that it was a pleasure trip.
    Instead of MLAs,entreprenuers would have been included in the team,I heard delegation includes some worthless sychopant, and corrupt govt.officials from delhi also.
    Arunachal will never progress like this.

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