Sunday, October 7, 2007

Would the Historical Remains just remain a History?-A Photo Feature

During my last visit to Itanagar, I decided to visit the Itafort Ruins and I was quite literally shocked to see the state of Itafort Ruins- the fort, from which the name of Capital City Itanagar was derived-the fort which was built around 14th-15th century A.D. by a local ruler Ramachandra of Jitari Dynasty to probably fend against Muslim invaders to Assam from West and Ahom invasion from East (Source: History of North East India (1603-1947)-Lasa, Nayak, Tripathy & Choudhury). Seeing the state of Itafort Ruins, I felt as if the fort, built for protection against Muslim and Ahom invaders, would crumble not being able to withstand the invasion of nature.

Below are some of the snaps of the Eastern Gate of the Itafort ruins.

Entry to Eastern Gate

Various faces of Eastern Gate (Above)

Rajbhavan at the backdrop

View from Itafaort (Probably they used this gate to watch the movement of invaders from the plains)

Guess, it's time the Directorate of Research, Archaeology Section, Government of Arunachal Pradesh, which is the caretaker of this historical remain, comes into action and starts preservation work on the ruins, lest these ruins just becomes a history.


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