Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Arunachal Diary template fixed!


It took me such a long time to sort out the mess with my old template (putting me off from regular blogging for long) to finally come out with this template from scratch retaining some elements from the old template and incorporating some elements from the template, designed for wordpress by Flisterz, that I’d been using for a while.

While re-doing the template, I’ve tried to stick to the advice of wiian

“Scripts, iframes, and images are unavoidable for many reasons but a minimal use of these can significantly improve response time.”

But, I don’t know how much I’ve succeeded in following his advice (can’t resist from spicing up the blog with third party scripts) to make this blog load faster.

Also, I took note of comments by Pascal and Buru

“Maybe it would be nice also if you add recent comments under your profile.”

“unless you re-institute "Latest Comments"column this blog may stagnate for lack of discussion.”

and hey! You have recent comments widget in the sidebar.

Although, I’ve tested this template, do point out any issues that you may come across.

Now, I wish I don’t mess up with the template again and prevent myself from all the pain of redoing the template and putting myself off from regular blogging again.;)


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