Thursday, November 8, 2007

Hey! What happened to Arunachal Diary....

...seems like I totally messed up the look when I tried to rectify the problem in the template :(

Seems it would take time before I bring back the template to original form...:(



    Mess up . . in template ? I don't know whats that but really missing your ARUNACHAL DIARY very much. Arunachal Times seems bolder these days is it due to change in govt(CM) ? Your blog is very good platform to discuss and read the views of fellow Arunachalee on any affair related to our state.

  • Pascal

    Glad to see you solved the problem although apparently you had to change your template...

  • AG

    Would be posting keep watching.

    Hasn't solved the problem completely yet. For the time being, guess, I'd have to make do with this new template..till I'm able to redo my old template (which I liked better)...

  • wiian

    The new template looks neat and elegant. I think it's a wise idea to reduce the no. of posts on the front page, especially when you have managed some good fan following. This will go a long way in improving your site visitor's experience. Long response time is one of the most common reason why users switch away. Scripts, iframes, and images are unavoidable for many reasons but a minimal use of these can significantly improve response time. I couldn't help pouring out my gyans. Help yourself. ;)

    Everything, of course, is your wish. Looking forward to new stories.

  • AG

    All the while I was thinking if you were around to help me out in re-doing the template and your suggestions came at a right time. Though you have appreciated the new template but still some images are missing (which I'm not able to sort it out) so as not to display the template properly so I guess I would switch back to old template that I had been using for long. And I've made progress in modifying the minima template--and hopefully I'd be able to get that old look soon. And yes, now this time all your suggestions would be looked into while bringing the template to old look.

    thanks for the suggestion.


    I second wiian. Your current template`s not bad rather its good, I feel it load faster. Using optimum post/image in front will make it better. .. Please resume your posting !

  • AG

    Thx Richo for your suggestion on the template issue. Guess, I may not switch to earlier template after all...;)

    Regarding posting, you've to wait for a while--bit pre-occupied now:(

  • Moli

    well this template looks better to me (with less ads)

  • Pascal

    Nice new template, AG. Maybe it would be nice also if you add recent comments under your profile. Anyway, well done.

  • AG


    I've added the recent comments widget. Find it at sidebar.

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