Monday, November 26, 2007

VERACITY- A Weekly News Journal from Roing

For a state scarce with periodicals, journals, magazines etc., and print media being dominated by the likes of The Arunachal Times, Arunachal Front, Echo of Arunachal and Dawnlit Post (the dailies published from the capital which concentrate mainly on the happenings in and around the Capital); it is good to see people coming out with magazines, news journals, periodicals etc. covering news and issues related to their home districts in general and Arunachal as a whole. One such news journal is ‘VERACITY’ published from Roing.

When Raju Mimi, the editor of 'VERACITY', mailed me this pdf version of the 15th November issue-I was like-Wow! Great layout with well laid out contents. Apart from news items in and around Roing this weekly news journal features articles relevant to local populace and the state as a whole. Incidentally, the 15th November issue featured my article 'Was the Bangkok trip a success story or a farce?'.

Though I liked the overall presentation of this pdf version of 'VERACITY' (I couldn't get chance to lay my hands on the print version yet), what I found lacking was the quantity of pages and pricing as was case with the ZIRO-MIRROR. The weekly news journal seem overpriced at INR 5/- for 4 pages. But considering the reach of such journals, targeted readers, constraint in circulation and above all the cost involved in bringing out papers or periodicals or journals from a location with minimal facility, I would give them clean chit on the pricing issue. Nevertheless, I hope they would increase the content in a days to come. Overall, I would recommend 'VERACITY' if you want more news on Roing and for it's quality.

If you want to subscribe to this news journal, write in to:

The Editor,
Veracity Publishers
Arunachal Pradesh
Contact no: +919436677416

or you can just visit this blog maintained and updated by Veracity Publishers for the contents and articles that appeared in the previous issues of VERACITY.


  • EmoreL

    More numbers of independent presses coming up, is a healthy reckoning of buoyant times ahead.

    Way to go.... Arunachal diary too can come up with its paper version... hope to see that happening soon.
    Good luck.

  • AG

    "More numbers of independent presses coming up, is a healthy reckoning of buoyant times ahead.", indeed Emorel and wish that these new periodicals, journals, papers etc., gives indepth and unbiased analysis on the issues of the state that lays ahead without just being the mouthpiece of some political organisations. I wish and hope that 'Veracity' would do that.

    Regarding putting Arunachal Diary in it's paper version, I may not be able to do that in near future due to my other preoccupation, but nevertheless, it's a good idea (to be given a thought) and thanks for the faith in Arunachal Diary.

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  • Anna

    Thanks for your recommendations - as a traveler, I always like to catch up on the local news before I visit a place. Thanks for your recommendation of VERACITY.

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