Friday, November 30, 2007

Was CS victim of power struggle between various Nyishi Organisations?

Was the entire ANSU-CS fracas over Chief Secretary's alleged 'anti-Nyishi' stand was actually what it was made out to be or was CS made a 'sacrificial lamb' in the way of legitimizing which Nyishi organization is the true representative of entire Nyishi community? Well, going by the developments of 'anti-Nyishi' stand of CS, as an onlooker, later seems the case if you look at the issue from another perspective.

The entire legitimization issue of Nyishi organization and the rift between various organizations viz., Nyishi Elite Society (NES), All Nyishi Students' Union (ANSU), Nyishi Federal Council (NFC) and All Nyishi Youth Association (ANYA) started with Nyishi Elite Society (NES) and it’s youth wing All Nyishi Students’ Union (ANSU) disbanding other Nyishi organization’s viz., Nyishi Federal Council (NFC) and All Nyishi Youth Association (ANYA) terming these organizations as fake and that they (NES & ANSU) and they alone are the only true representative of Nyishi Community as they have been given social sanction. They also notified the government that henceforth all the developmental activities pertaining to Nyishi community be routed through them for approval prior to approval by the government. It made me wonder then and there, can any organization act and decide on behalf of entire community that too without assessing the ground reality prevailing in the far flung areas where their brethren lives. How many of them knows about the ground situations in the places like Radum, Tali, Chayang-Tajo, Sarli, Hebang, Luba etc., to name a few? I bet, a very few only. It’s true that older folks and youngsters do follow whatever these so-called educated elites of the society says, out of respect to them, but does that mean they have got the peoples’ sanction to act on behalf of them? I would say, NO! They have to prove themselves.

Steering back to the topic, the opportunity to prove that they are the true torchbearers of the community came in the form of Chief Secretary's inclusion of nomenclature change from 'Galong' to 'Galo' in the agenda of nomenclature change from 'Dafla' to 'Nyishi'; and ANSU taking this opportunity, made a major issue out of a non-issue even after withdrawal of agenda by Chief Secretary and forced the government to remove the Chief Secretary. A fact finding team headed by RWD and RD Minister Chowna Mein was constituted, who gave Chief Secretary a clean chit and the Chief Secretary was reinstated to his post. NES and ANSU kept mum.

In the bid to prove their pro-community stance, taking this opportunity of NES and ANSU’s silence over Chief Secretary’s reinstatement, NFC and it’s youth wing ANYA started alleging that NES, ANSU and Tabom Bam had entered into a ‘secret-arrangement’ to let Bam continue in his post-of which they had 'concrete evidence' and demanded resignation of presidents of NES and ANSU for their anti community stance. They demanded the government not to allow Bam continue in his post and if allowed threatened to launch a series of agitation. Also, they announced to take up ‘case-wise issue’ to unmask the individuals and agencies involved in corrupt practices.

“The NFC said it would take up ‘case-wise issue’ against public servants, agencies and individuals with disproportionate assets beyond their known sources of income, while the meeting also agreed to draw the state government’s attention to the Nyishi technocrats and bureaucrats who were confining their entire service period in and around the Capital Complex through ‘manipulations’, saying such dubious acts were detrimental to the smooth functioning of the government machinery.”

-Aunachal Front dated 20th November, 2007

Though, I laud the declaration by NFC and ANYA that they would raise 'case-wise issue' against corrupt public servants, agencies and individuals, which is good not only for Nyishi community but for entire Arunachal as a whole (atleast in that way some rot in the system would be cleaned), I've my apprehension that they wouldn't stick to what they have declared as soon as they too get social sanction like NES and ANSU ;). Only time will tell.

Now, it seems as if the entire differences between NES, ANSU, NFC and ANYA has been solved. After joint meeting between representatives of these organizations and Nyishi leaders they came out with a joint statement that they are dropping the proposed stir (Capital Bandh today). Good for Tabom Bam, Nyishi community and for general populace (they wouldn't be grind in their power struggle, now). The question now is, would these organizations act together without trying to prove who calls the shot, for benefit of the community? Let's wait and watch.

This entire episode has left me wondering though, if the stand taken by Chief Secretary was 'anti-Nyishi' at all and the fact finding teams report all made up, why NFC and ANYA backed down from proposed stir? What was the 'secret-arrangement' reached between NES, ANSU and CS of which they claimed that they have 'concrete evidence' or was it just a gimmick to prove who calls the shot with Tabom Bam being made the victim of this power struggle?

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