Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Amazing Arunachal Site-Launched


By our special correspondence | Jairampur

Jairampur December 10: In the milieu of the ensuing Pangsau Pass Winter Festival 2008, Sri. Setong Sena, Speaker, Arunachal Legislative Assembly graced the occasion by pressing “Enter” button to launch the long awaited pictorial website www.amazingarunachal.com, here in Jairampur, today. The picturesque website is dedicated to the prodigious land of the dawn lit mountains, Arunachal Pradesh and its colorful tribes.

The website is firm travail of three devoted nature enthusiast hailing from different background combined with common interest, namely Sri.Arif Siddiqui, Jairampur, an engineer by profession, a well known photographer and the brain behind the conception of the website, Mr. Kamlesh Mehta, Mumbai, Art Director of an advertising agency, enticed by the natural beauty of Arunachal Pradesh extended unselfishly countless working hours for free to shape, design and upload the website and Sri.Tom Simai, Jairampur, a local and die hard nature enthusiast, who’s creative genius has added more fun to it.

The website is a simple effort of the three nature devotees who has came together with the reason to craft a stage to unravel the elegance of Arunachal Pradesh to the outside world. Moreover, the acrimonious experience of being unable to publicize and broadcast the first PPWF 2007 throughout the globe has inspired to launch this website. Thanks to the non-cooperation of the concerned agencies, the idea of creating the website was conceived. As last year without any publicity and broadcasting in local media, the festival ventured ahead through mouth of words and attracted millions of people.

In this small and simple inaugural event, Sri. Sena extended his heartfelt gratitude to the youths involved in the creation of the website. He urged further that the IPR, Tourism, NIC and other Government websites should carry the Link of this website for the world to access and accumulate the startling photographs and general information about the amazing peoples and astonishing places of AP.

The Zilla Parishad Chairman, Sri. Izmir Tikhak who was also present appreciated the contribution of the local youths and he speculated that participation of youths will guide and persuade the strayed youths to partake and familiarize with the modern technologies.

Furthermore, the launch of the website has inspired and entrusted new zeal of enthusiasm in the tireless spirit of the natives connected to the Pangsau Pass Winter Festival. The previous year’s success has heaved the anticipation this time and to redeem the expectations all efforts has been initiated. Regarding this matter, chain of meeting is organized regularly by the festival committee under the proficient supervision of Sri Sena. Every trivial aspect is cared and inspected. As the big day is inclining closer, the local inhabitants are enthusiastically preparing to welcome the domestic and international guests.

ADC Jairampur, Sri. M.Roy concluded the event by extending vote of thanks to the assembled crowd.

The www.amazingarunachal.com is determined to emphasize the exquisiteness of this shrouded paradise through the spectacular photographs of dedicated nature shutterbugs. Basically it’s a photo based website. The central concept of the website is to display the amazing things god has endowed to this emerald terrain of lively tribes through the nomadic lenses.


  • Buru

    Good job as far as website is concerned.

    But re the Pangsau fest or any no of fests, it has always been my observation that tourism will NEVER be a revenue earner in AP--either domestic or International(the numbers dont just add up--with one or two possible exceptions like Ziro/Tawang) and the state should instead concentrate its meagre funds on more realistic goals like horticulture, cottage industries, cash crops like rubber/tea/coffee/orchids/vanilla/etc than in such illusory pursuits.

  • AG

    As per as tourism goes, I quite differ in your thoughts Buru. I feel we can make it a revenue earner sector for our state if the government is able to remove the bottlenecks that keep preventing foreign or domestic tourists from visiting this place--like the ILP, RAP etc. Also the government should strive to promote the state's tourism potential to the outside world sincerely and not just for driving home the fund from the Union government. And I would say, site like Amazing Arunachal is a wonderful step towards showcasing the state's tourism potential to the rest of the world and I must appreciate Arif and his team for launching this site. Good job done.

  • Moli

    Great work

  • Moli

    and yes please do correct the second link. You spelled it wrong, an A is missing in between. Some might not be able to figure out.

  • anon_tanii_gal

    Amazing website! Great design and layout.
    I have to say that the photography is absolutely striking.
    The photographer certainly knows how to capture beauty natural beauty.
    I hope this will encourage nature conservation


  • AG

    Thanks for pointing out the mistake. I've corrected the second link and it's working fine now.

    If you liked the photographs, you can find more of his works here, here and here.

  • EmoreL

    Nice photography by Arif and also well maintained website. I would like to congratulate them for this. Atleast for a unknown reasons, it makes me nostaligic about my alma mater in jairampur.
    Nice Cool headed people, unlike the other tribes of AP ' :) ' ..

    To certain extent even I feel these are an illusory pursuits, when other better realistic things are shamelessly at its abyss.
    But, anyway , its just a healthy reckoning of how beautiful Arunachal is and we take pride being here. And i salute this spirit.....

    AG , you pointed out right that, it can be a revenue earner if certain bottlenecks that are impeding these ventures are addressed first.
    Well, but the things at our disposal, with which we can carve a developed AP are at its dismayal concomitant existence with the, State's transport system(inlcuding the roads etc) and neighbouring states roads that borders Arunachal.
    One wouldn't be amazed to find , most of the pot holed marred roads of Assam to find it along the Roads that leads to Arunachal.

    Well, atleast for the time, that we think , we need to ponder for basic requirements of any Arunachali... we better do that first....

    Just my thought.... its deviating , but still would like to express.... Tourism, sometimes to me sounds like , being rationally aware, how underdeveloped we are....

    Well... perceptions differs.. no intentions to generalize it...


  • AG

    Having said that Tourism can be made a real revenue earner for our state-I must say, I'm in total agreement with you and Buru that government should concentrate more on the realistic goals.

    With the state of availability of basic amenities like health care facilities, educational institutions, communications, sanitation, water supply etc., we may gauge what state of development our state is in. So certainly, there are other sectors that needs to be looked into first, other than indulging in such 'illusory' pursuits.

  • Anonymous

    great job!!! kudos to all those involve with the project. Now at least people from outside world be able to see how beautyful is our Arunachal Pradesh. It can help the growth of tourism...
    Keep it up..
    David CHAKMA

  • AG

    Let's see if this site would do the trick to drove in tourists to Arunachal.

  • Buru


    I urge you Chakma leaders to reduce the birth rate of children in your community by spreading awareness. I know how difficult the situation is for your community--your people have been used as pawns by the Indian Govt in the 60's against Pakistan/China and now you(and AP) have to suffer for no fault of yours. One of the reasons why AP people are afraid of your peoples presence in AP is the rapid population increase(which may outnumber locals.Then Tripura may be repeated?).It will also help you have a better standard of living.

  • Anonymous

    hi.. buru....

    i think you are saying the same thing you heard by hearsay about the
    rate of population growth of the Chakma people. You know the population
    of Chakmas is even less than what our leader claim. If the Arunachal
    govt. don't believe then they can make a census of it.
    As far as reduction in the population growth rate is concern, i the leaders
    can't do anything. It is the duty of the State govtment to make
    awareness and educate the people. If the Arunachal Government didn't
    banned education in the Chakma areas or giving facilities to the Chakma
    people, I think the situation would have been different. So , i would
    blame the state goverment for the illiteracy and the high growth
    of population in the Chakma tribe.As you know that an educated parents
    does not go for big family rather they go for a small family.
    Also to remind you , I am not a leader I am a student.

    Thank you.


  • Buru

    David chakma,

    [Quote]i think you are saying the same thing you heard by hearsay about the
    rate of population growth of the Chakma people. You know the population
    of Chakmas is even less than what our leader claim. If the Arunachal
    govt. don't believe then they can make a census of it.[unquote]

    Ok even presuming that I accept your saying @face value the assumed population of Chakmas in Arunachal is MASSIVE. How can I say so without a census?

    You in your own blog(www.davidchakma.blogspot.com)said 30,000 Chakmas were settled in NEFA in 1964 by GOI initially.Now assuming that Chakma growth rate is SAME(not higher as I suggested)as rest of AP ,what is Chakmas current population?
    NEFA in 1961 had 3,37,000 population which grew by more than 300 percent to 10,97,000 in 2001.So by deduction the Chakmas make up atleast 90,000(ie 300% rise from 30,000)people in 2001.

    Next here is the OFFICIAL 2001 census giving tribewise distribution of AP:
    Statement-1: Population of Major STs, 2001 Census
    SL. No
    Name of the ST
    Population returned in
    2001 Census
    1 All Scheduled Tribes
    2 Abor
    3 Adi
    4 Adi Gallong
    5 Adi Minyong
    6 Adi Padam
    7 Aka
    8 Any Naga Tribes
    9 Apatani
    10 Bangni
    11 Dafla
    12 Deori
    13 Galong
    14 Idu/Chulikata Mishmi
    15 Khampti
    16 Miji
    17 Mishing/Miri
    18 Mishmi
    19 Monpa
    20 Nishang
    21 Nissi
    22 Nocte
    23 Tagin
    24 Tangsa
    25 Tawang Monpa
    26 Wancho

    Now correcting official misnomers,even when we add the various subtribes under Nyishi, Adi etc Chakmas form the THIRD largest 'tribe'at present??


    The official Chakma settlement went on till 1971.I have come across varying figures of 40,000 to 60,000 resettlement in total, which will make your 'tribe'the LARGEST community in the state!!!?
    Would you allow such a load of outsiders into YOUR area tomorrow?

    You may shout from the rooftops that its not your fault.True. But its not ours either. While I sympathise fully with your suffering I do not think you people have been too amenable to amicable solutions either. Look at the world around and understand that the people of Arunachal have been more than generous with such intruders as yourself.

    For example...
    1.The Bihar/UP/Marwariwallas have been in Assam for over a hundred years now, contributing economically. Did the people of AP did what was done to them(Indians) that is today happening in Assam to Chakmas(Pakistanis)?

    2.The Santhals and Oraons(indians) contributing to Assams economy for 150 years but see their plight in Assam?

    3.The ethnic Indians who are butchered,raped and deported en masse by undemocratic Govts of Uganda/ Sri lanka/ Fiji/Kenya etc back to India, inspite of being born there and building their economy for more than a hundred years??

    So why are you cribbing in the blogs about"60 years in AP so we are APs"??
    If the constitution(1950) says you are Indian nationals by birth,the same constitution recognizes the Frontier Regulation Act 1873, which prohibits settlement of outsiders in AP??

    Again my sympathy is with Chakmas, but I dont like the likes of cribpots the likes of you, who jumps from blog to blog trying to paint AP in bad light.

  • vivian

    Thanks Buru , for giving me such a insightful details about the census
    of Arunachal Pradesh.
    But to be frank, i didn't like the last few words of yours. Your allegation
    that I am putting Arunachal in badlight. Its really painful . Whatever
    you say, I have a feeling for AP as i was born and brought up there.I also have so many friends back home.
    I don't have any bad feeling for anybody or any tribes. I was just
    giving my opinion on what i have seen and experience . Yes, i am really
    happy that there is no tension among the locals and the Chakmas.Our
    people are living peacefully.But other then that for a person to lead
    a humane and dignified life needs money, education, jobs,nationality,etc.
    To which everyperson has the rights.Those are the rights we are fighting for.

    Also , I am sorry that I gave some misinformation about the population
    of Chakmas and Hajongs. Actually , according to 1991 census the combine
    population of Chakmas and Hajongs was 30,064 .And there combine population
    in 1979 was 14,888.

    As you know very well that , displacing such a huge number of people
    is impossible. Which no goverment is going to take risk.Remembering
    that INDIA is a democratic country.Even if they are displace then where are they going to go?
    Then, why not live in PEACE and HARMONY and make
    Arunachal Pradesh a model state?
    In this 21st century , only what matter is economic development.
    Ok. Even if 30,000 chakmas and hajong settle in Arunachal ,then
    what environment and ecological effect it will have ,considering that
    Arunachal is the least populated state in the Country with 13 persons per
    square kms. Also , your fear that the local tribals population are
    going to be minorities in the Chakmas and Hajongs dominated areas and
    they are going to lost their identity. For this i have some question to
    1.Does anybody stay naked or wear the loin cloth (no offence intended)
    as some 50-60 years before in AP?

    2. How many people follow "DONI POLO" now?

    3. How many people can play the traditional Arunachalee tribal musical
    instruments ?

    Now a days all the young generation are following the western culture,
    their music,etc. why does the people stop following the western culture,
    music and instead follow the tribal culture? Are not the people of AP
    losing their culture and Identity?

    Also , I am going to answer your question .
    Now , nobody knows the exact population of Chakma and Hajongs.As
    there in no official census.

    Also , to clarify one thing that David and viviane is the same person

  • AG


    Though your post was meant for Buru, but I fail to understand from your post what exactly are you fighting for? Nationality?...then, shouldn't you be fighting with central government rather than Arunachal Government?

    Secondly, I fail to understand some of your reasonings. They are:

    "....Arunachal is the least populated state in the Country with 13 persons per
    square kms."
    ---Does this mean people from over populated regions be settled at Arunachal?

    "Does anybody stay naked or wear the loin cloth (no offence intended)
    as some 50-60 years before in AP?"
    ...has it got anything to do with losing one's identity? ???

    And as said before here, the solution to Chakma Hajong issue lies with how much you are able to assimilate yourself with local populace and make them feel you are one of them rather than in fighting for your rights(?).

  • Buru

    ""To which everyperson has the rights.Those are the rights we are fighting for""

    Dear Mr David,

    Rights are not absolute.You are entitled to rights according to many criterions based on Nationanilty,State,district, caste, community and what not. Dont ask for rights that dont belong to you ,legally, or else even the remaining rights be taken away. The Chakmas are illegal intruders in AP as defined by the Constitution of India >period<
    So you can have your nationality as Indian,Martian or Timbuktian is of no concern to us--you deserve to be shifted en masse to outside AP (legally speaking, not my personal belief) if we were to follow Indian Constitution.
    It wont be long before the Tibetan, Lisu, Hajongs and Mias too ask for AP status by your same logic. What next?
    Your reasoning is like that of a beggar, who when given food and shelter for a considerable time starts to claim ownership of the masters house by association! To compound it, we never invited Chakmas in.

    Dont be under impression that you cannot be legally chucked out of AP. It takes just one Parliament Bill to do a lot of things.

    "" I am sorry that I gave some misinformation ""

    No, you gave an underestimation of Chakma population.Dont try to lie like that when exposed.

    ""1.Does anybody stay naked or wear the loin cloth (no offence intended)
    as some 50-60 years before in AP?

    2. How many people follow "DONI POLO" now?

    3. How many people can play the traditional Arunachalee tribal musical
    instruments ?""

    Who raised these points at all??
    You sound like a confused person.They are irrelevant to the discussion and sound retarded too.

    "" Arunachal is the least populated state in the Country with 13 persons per""

    EXACTLY.Thats why we cannot afford to make you the single largest community in the state and replicate Tripura again in AP.
    Tomorrow David Chakma aka Vivianne may ask(with Hajong,Lisu,Tibetan ,Mia and Nepali refugee support)to be installed the CM of AP on account of Chakmas being the single largest community in AP then??

  • Buru

    ""I don't think Chakmas are any treat to the cultural
    identity of any locals tribes""

    Address only the points raised by us, not what you imagine to be a good scoring point.

    ""Why are the people of Arunachal have this xenophobia especially the
    politician about the Chakmas?
    Are they lack confidence""

    And the 50 million Bangladeshi refugees are all asking this 'question' to various Indian states.
    You have to understand that the world is not an open space anymore--there are boundaries and there are rules. You got to follow them or land in jail.
    You seem to be very fond of quoting the West. Can you just enter into any Western democracy today without rigorous immigration process? Do you know that thousands of Tamil, Indonesian and Vietnamese refugees(genuine refugees, not pseudo refugees as yourself) attempting asylum in Australia,are TODAY languishing in refugee jails in some small Islands of Pacific Ocean in Nauru??
    Similar jails exist in Western Europe and USA for African and other refugees. You should have been in such a jail too till your refugee claim is assessed, had we followed the law. So dont talk of "rights" that dont legally exist.

    ""Why are you comparing AP with Tripura?""

    And why not?If the Reangs who had a full-fledged Kingdom can be reduced to sorry minorities by the Bangladeshis like yourself what prevents same happening in AP? In a democracy numbers make leaders, not the other way round.So it is guaranteed a Chakma Pakistani CM will rule AP once granted legal status.

    "" Arnold is Austrian , Bobby Jindal son of Indian immigarnt, whale Nicolas
    Sarcozy ""

    Well then why dont you go to USA or France ? You will be promptly imprisoned for immigration violation.The people you quoted were made citizens of those countries after due process of law of that country.You were not. Even today they are liable to those same laws that granted them citizenship. For example, Arnold Schwarzenegger & Bobby Jindal can NEVER become President of USA because the law says only natural-born citizens can become one.You people are illegal intruders in AP according to Indian constitution and you ought to follow that law ok?

    ""Is any
    civil society do such injustice to any community?".
    Also , is the Bill going to get the 2-3 majority of the Parliament or the
    President is going to sign the Bill?""

    Yes why not.Indira Gandhi signed such a pact which made 1 million Sri Lankan Tamils refugee with a single signature. You misread my statement too. You are already illegal intruders in AP by BEFRA Act 1873--we dont need another Bill to legally remove you from AP. A new bill would be needed only to declare you non-Indians and send you back to your country--Bangladesh. The Chakmas of CHT has made peace with that country so why dont you make a visit?

  • vivian

    hi buru and AG...
    I am ending this discussion from my side .Let the Chakma problem take its own
    political course. Also i don't think my opinion is going to matter
    while solving the problem. Let hope that it is solve as soon as possible.

    Hope our state become grow stronger economically.And all our people
    live in peace and Harmony.

    Thank you .

  • Buru

    ""I am ending this discussion from my side ""

    Tch Tch. A person who has put up a blog purely 'to fight for our rights' should not run away after just two-three posts!

    ""Also i don't think my opinion is going to matter
    while solving the problem.""
    Then why put up a blog to champion it??

  • vivian

    @Buru, i am here not to quarel or prolong my argument with you.
    I just wrote want i feel .it was my personnel view.
    It was my personnel blog.I am not trying to champion our cause. Neither
    I am a social worker nor a politician . I have wrote down
    our history and the suffering i had experience in my life.

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