Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Conventional v/s Digital Way

Last night I was going through the back issues of now discontinued ZIRO MIRROR, when I came across the cartoon that I did for the 5th issue of that fortnightly.

It was done in a zippy in flat 15 mins time as the issue was ready at press, about to roll but hold back for want of cover page. Introspecting, I thought, how it would have looked and how much time it would have taken had I gone the digital way. So, I sat on my computer and with the help of Adobe Illustrator 9.0, I managed to come up with this with caption and all (see below) and guess what, it took me whopping 6 hours to redo that cartoon the digital way. Quite a time you would say-I agree and it reminded me that I have lots to brush up my knowledge on Illustrator. For instance, how to apply hatch so as to give that pen and ink look. :)


  • tashi

    hey i still have a copy of this and still saved it till date..i always wanted this magazine to publish..it was nice real piece of work.

  • AG


    Good to know that you liked Ziro Mirror. Only wished that the Editor-cum-Publisher of the magazine continued with the publication. But still hoping he would give the magazine a new lease of life in a days to come.

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