Monday, January 21, 2008


Tom Simai | Jairampur

Nampong 20th January: Phusum Kimhun Chairman DoTC strikes the traditional gong to inaugurate the long awaited 2nd Pangsau Pass Winter Festival 2008 here in Nampong today. On this propitious occasion he released the POI (souvenir) and two audio albums. He further added that this kind of festivals augments cross culture relations and exposes tourism potential of the area. The other guests were DC, Changlang, SP Changlang and many others were also present in the inauguration.

Chief Guest Sri Poshum Khimhun inugurating the PPWF by striking the Gong

It has been highlighted that the PPWF 2008 is the gateway to the shrouded paradise of Arunachal Pradesh and it has been able to showcase the disparate tribes of the state. For the first time the locals and the guest have been able to witness such huge throngs of tribes belonging to different part of AP. Breathtaking performances by the indigenous groups mesmerized the audiences.

Setong Sena, Speaker Arunachal Pradesh Assembly in his speech extended his apologies on behalf of Tako Dabi, who cancelled his trip due to bad weather and thanked Sri. Khimhun for gracing the occasion in such a short notice. He also extended his appreciation to all the crowds and the workers who made this festival a reality. Further more, he said that this kind of cross cultural festivals will definitely enhance the relationship with Myanmar. Sri Tonko Bahadur Rai, Speaker Assam Assembly also graced the occasion and inaugurated the Indigenous Food Fiesta.

The traditional dances presented by the various tribes of AP enthralled the audiences specially the Foreigners who were high in numbers loitering around the festival ground appreciating the breathtaking displays of ethnicity. The Masses also enjoyed the performances of the Myanmar’s cultural troops.

The dignitaries signed for Peace, a signature campaign entitled “We stand and Sign for Peace and Unity”. It was a successful campaign as almost all the visitors present in the festival ground left their signatures and massages.

Sri Setong Sena and Sri Tonko Bahadur Rai, Speakers from Arunachal and Assam signing the "We stand and sign for pece and unity campaign" organised by PPWF

The VIP entourage than went to visit the Tangsa Hut where the people belonging to various sub-tribes of Tangsa performed SAWI (old traditional songs) that elaborated the histories of migration. Thereafter he inaugurated the Photo Exhibition presented by Arif Siddiqui. The timeless pictures of Stillwell Construction period and Contemporary Jairampur, collected from various sources, throughout the day it was the major attraction of the visitors.

The Pangsau Pass Winter Festival has so much to proffer. The extravagant event unveils the shroud from the concealed world of the Tangsa. The warm smiles of the Tangsas let forget the freezing temperature. Appreciate and admire the simplicity and hospitality. The myriad sub-tribes of Tangsas hypnotizes with the foot tapping beats of drums to the haunting melodies.

The grand event fascinated the visitors and the locals alike. The blazon of Tangsas spirit was on full swing. The multi-cultured traditions flaunted. The brandish of age-old traditions captivates the imaginations. The PPWF highlighted the cultures and cuisines of the Tangsas and the various tribes of AP. The War Cry and gunshots of the Tikhaks enthralled the audiences and the haunting song of the Pangwas, which expressed the saddest thoughts, compelled to recuperate the bygone era of nomadic life.

As the festivals attracts hundreds of visitors from in and out of AP, the remaining two days promises many more visitors from far and near. Practically its economic boom for local traders and if the things persisted the way it is now than the future of this festival is bright enough to enhance the economy and cross border relations.


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