Thursday, January 31, 2008

From Black & White to Technicolor

If you remember, around this time the previous year, I had introduced 'Apatani Protagonists' who was supposed to address the issues of Ziro-Hapoli in particular and Arunachal as a whole. But, after making a brief stint, they disappeared. Now they have graduated from B&W to Color and below is the new improved avatar of male protagonist and hope that improved avatar of female protagonist would appear soon and they would be addressing the issues again.

Till then, watch out for the new avatar of female protagonist and how they address the issues in a days to come.


  • wiian


    The image obviously captured my attention and before actually reading the text, I was wondering where had I seen it before.

    Looking forward to your portrayal of the Apatani Femme Fatale (err.. I mean the protagonist) in technicolor.

  • AG

    Thx wiian.

    Soon the new..improved..version of femme fatale ;) would debut in the blog. So, watch this space.

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