Friday, January 18, 2008

Guwahati ain't no Bangkok

Quite true to my apprehension, the government didn't bothered to make the most out of the North East India Investment Summit at Guwahati.

The Arunachal Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI) today expressed resentment over the state government's ''half-hearted'' approach towards the recently held North East India Investment Summit 2008 at Guwahati, organised by the DoNER ministry.

Claiming that the summit was basically in continuation of the Bangkok summit held in October last year, the ACCI said that galaxy of ministers, MLAs and other officials from the state thronged the summit, but the same which was held at Guwahati was not represented by the state government.

''At least one secretary could have been deputed to represent the state in such an important function,'' commented ACCI Vice-President Dominic Tadar in a communiqué here today. ''We are discouraged to see no representative from the state attended the summit, while other states were represented by their chief ministers and other ministers,''he added.

But then, why would Minister's and MLA's of the state be so keen to attend the summit? Guwahati ain't no Bangkok, after all.

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