Monday, January 14, 2008


Tom Simai | Jairampur:

The final countdown of 2nd Pangsau Pass Winter Festival (PPWF) 2008 has commenced. Six more days (20th to 22nd January) and the spectacular PPWF 2008 will be officially unveiled for the whole world to glimpse the spectacular display of cultural carnival, traditional sports and indigenous delicacies. The ethnic extravaganza is geared up to enthrall the guests from across the globe. Its festive time as the New Years begins blended with ethnic amusement celebrating ethnic diversity. The dedication, determination and perspiration of the locals have created a magnificent stage for the ethnic cultures to hurtle the hurdles and triumph over the emotions. The concept of the PPWF is not to get contained within an area & favor a tribe, but it desires to spread its wings and fly beyond the horizons to disclose the mysteries of amazing AP.

Sri Tako Dabi, Minister for Water Resources Development and Parliamentary affairs has consented to grace the occasion as chief guest and will inaugurate the three days Winter Festival at Nampong starting on 20th January.

The decisive moment has arrived that the youths of Arunachal consider and defend sincerely their ancient heritage because it’s a marvelous endowment from the exodus era. Few years back who might have thought that the forgotten customs of the isolated tribal people dwelling far away from the maddening crowd would fascinate the urban masses to travel around the secluded countryside just to witness the indigenous dances, traditional dresses and taste a glass of U or Apong? It’s a moment of truth, a triumph of tribal heritage and a time to celebrate ethnicity. Disregard the craze of highlife, overlook being highly qualified, forget the appetite of urbanism but be proud and be grateful that somehow ethnicity still survive and thrives in this part of the world. So, be there to celebrate the moment of pride. Don’t be stunned or surprised of inheriting the primeval legacy but be pompous and proud that you are one of the tribes that still can cause ripples worldwide.

Unfortunately, AP is not renowned for its nightlife or fast life but it is famous for the lively tribes, the organic foods, the terrace cultivations, the incredible landscapes, the thatched bamboo houses, the unique dialects, the innocent smiles, affable natures etc. The PPWF 2008 is working on this track to promote or showcase the matchless characteristics of tribal peoples and the indigenous resources used for survival. The cultural carnival is sure enough to mesmerize with its colorful presentation.

As PPWF is synonyms to Eco-tourism thus the ADC Sri M.Roy, Jairampur, has decided to keep the entire area POLY FREE ZONE and in this regard he has prohibited the use of POLY BAGS within the Festival area. This will gradually be implemented in entire Sub Division very shortly. It is a huge step towards creating an unpolluted and greener environment.

Curious Children looking at the hoarding of festival: The Nampong and Jairampur are excited and inspired for the 2nd PPWF - Photo : Arif Siddiqui

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