Monday, February 4, 2008

Conspiracy Theory..??

What’s the ‘buzz-word’ doing round these days in the political circuit of the state? ‘Conspiracy theory’-it is.

A scam is unearthed and it becomes ‘conspiracy’ to bring down the government, because it is unearthed now and not before. Good logic.. may be. An UG operative is arrested from former minister’s residence at Itanagar and it becomes ‘conspiracy’ to tarnish the image of the former minister as the minister didn’t knew the identity of the UG operative while allowing him to stay at his residence. May be. And, when this conspiracy bug is biting the politicians of the state, would the ‘Apatani Protagonist’ be spared from being affected by this conspiracy bug? Watch below.

[click on the image for larger view]


  • embheyaboh

    the look and action of protagonists reminds me of days in cute and lovely and so much well captured..and made me smile. thanks for your talent and wit.

  • AG


  • anon_tanii_gal

    Cute! Apatani femme fatale and the Apatani Hunk lol! For some reason he looks like a politician with that coat?
    If so my vote is on him for the next elections.

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