Saturday, February 23, 2008

Reflection-Through Arif's Lens

Sharing this wonderful photo of Ziro, mailed by Arif to me. Enjoy!

Paddy field at Ziro

Thanks Arif, for the pic.

Wanna know who Arif is? You can find about him in the Guest Authors page.



    WHA ! very beautiful, ARIF's really a great shooter !

  • Arif Siddiqui

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  • Arif Siddiqui

    Thanks Richo. No,its not me but the place is Great. Only you need a pair of eyes to enjoy it.

  • EmoreL

    Excellent photo... Arif...
    Gr8 work...
    Keep it up...
    Got any pics from Dibang valley side ???

  • buru

    Late August or Early Sept photo right?

  • Arif Siddiqui

    thanks emorel. Unfortunately I didn't get chance to go to that area after having the camera other wise I was posted in Roing and visited many beautiful places like Hunli and Eyanli.

    buru, you are very near to the season, it was shot on 30th September, 2006

  • davis

    Now who the hell are you???....I mean how dare you before i could capture the beauty of my ziro.....! actually appreciating you buddy. What a great shot!. Hey which camera did you use.......m gonna get one camera soon.....will give you run for your money.....BEWARE!

  • Arif Siddiqui

    Thanks Davis for you kind words, appreciate it.
    I am presently using Nikon D200 but the picture of Ziro here is shot by Nikon D70.
    I just want to tell you, photographers are not magicians and they can not make any ordinary place beautiful. Arunachal is beautiful so my pictures are.
    BTW, If you are placed in Ziro and wish to meet me, hold on, I will be there at the time of Dree.

  • AG

    Nice to know that you would finally be making it to Dree, after you missed it the last time.

    Hope to meet you when you come to Ziro for Dree:-)

  • Arif Siddiqui

    Yes AG, this time I am committed to do it. I am planning to reach there on 3rd (late evening) and would try to do some village tour on 4th before main festival. I am excited to meet you there. :)

  • AG

    Glad to know that you are committed to visit Ziro this time.

    Hoping to meet you soon.

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