Saturday, March 1, 2008

Construction of Lapang and Erection of Babo in Apatani Community-A Photo Feature

Seldom do I visit the countryside except on ceremonial occasions. But when I do, I can’t help myself from being enthralled by its serenity and its unspoiled beauty devoid of any urban interference, where the nature is at it’s rawest best. (Sometimes, I do feel why not get settled in this peaceful environment ;)?)

The Countryside[The Countryside]

And this past weekend was such an occasion when I had to visit the countryside; for ‘Lapang’ had to be constructed and ‘Babo’ erected in connection with the ‘Myoko’ ceremony which begins this 20th. Apart from time for construction of Lapang and erection of Babo by the Myoko celebrating village(s) (Myoko festival is celebrated in turn by the villages), it is also the time when nurseries are prepared for rice saplings to sprout.

[The Nursery]

The construction of Lapang begins as early as from Murung Pullo i.e., the month of January, if there is any member of the clan performing Murung ritual and upto the first week of Myoko Pullo i.e., the month of March. [Here in this post, I wouldn’t be going deep into the myth associated with the Lapang and Babo or it’s significance. I’m reserving it for some other post :).]

Lapang under Construction[Lapang under construction]

After the construction of Lapang, it was turn for Babo to be erected. For the details of parts of Babo see this article 'Babo in Tanii (Apatani) Culture'.

Up I go[Babo being pulled up]

Pull Harder[Pull Harder]

I'm up[I'm up!]

Now that Babo is up, who would volunteer to climb up the Babo to release the ropes used for pulling it up? Well, this gentleman volunteered and climbed all up to the 'Tapiir' of Babo and released the ropes.

A climb to Remove ropes used for pulling up the Babo

A climb to Remove ropes used for pulling up the Babo-2
Am I Spidey[Am I Spidey?]

For more pics on the event, I'm embedding a slide show below. Enjoy!


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