Wednesday, March 5, 2008

WW-II Bombs and Mortars unearthed at Jairampur

Arif Siddiqui Jairampur

Jairampur 1 March: Accidently, another historically significant ditch filled with WW-II remnants has been recovered here, today. The remnants were found while digging inside the house of a local resident in the main township just adjacent to Govt. Primary school at Jairampur. It is said that within the four circles namely Nampong, Jairampur, Manmao and Rima-Putok, such finding of importance has been sighted in several venues on several occasions but never in such huge quantities at one place. Earlier, such cases of discovery have been highlighted, materials like bullets, bottles, empty cans etc of WW-II era are commonly found while digging or tracking the woods.

[Recovered Hand Granades and Mortar ]

[A Mud wrapped Hand Granade ]

The news of the discovery spread like a wild fire, all the denizens of the township thronged the location, the house of Mrs. Khipnon Ronrang, who dwells near the Govt. Sec. School and works as a peon in the nearby Govt. Primary School to witness the unearthing of history gone by. 2 nos of 36-Hand grenade and 27 nos of 2-Inch mortar bomb as identified by the Assam Rifles personnel have been recovered so far. Further digging might unearth many more such artifacts of WW-II epoch.


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