Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Yet another Volcano like Eruption at Arunachal

The unexplained geological activity on the night of 21st August, 2007 near Kimin hasn’t subsided from the memory of the people yet, when news of similar volcano like eruption has been reported near Kamrung village of Kurung Kumey district.

“A volcano-like explosion of huge force occurred near Kamrung village here on February 18 at around 4.30 pm, burning trees and grasses leaving 2-3 sq. ft. holes in the ground, according to a release.

Two men-Geda Beelo and Khyoda Tasso-who happened to be resting on the spot at the time were thrown away as a result of the explosion.”

-Arunachal Front (8th March issue)

It has also been reported that this explosion is not of the first kind that occurred in the area but similar explosion occurred at the same spot during the same month in the year 2001. The impact that time was such that there was a localized earthquake, a landslide nearby and a 40 sq. mtr. crack in the ground. The government, on their part at that time had just compensated the villager with INR 600,000 to shift from that location.

After the 21st August, 2007 eruption at Kimin and this reported eruption which may or may not be volcanic in nature or may just be a fumaroles (only geologists alone can tell), guess it's time that government give a thought to initiate a proper geological study to unearth the cause behind all this unexplained geological activities before the geological activities deep inside the earth wrecks havoc without a warning.


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