Thursday, April 17, 2008

Khandu Government Celebrates 1 Year in Office-Was the Celebration Called for?

On 15th of April, 2008, Khandu Government celebrated completion of 1 year in office in a grandiose manner. For the celebration, it was reported that elaborate arrangement were made at I.G. Park Itanagar. Seven huge pandals were erected, sitting arrangements for more than 20,000 peoples were made, 15 executive magistrates and large number of police personnels were deployed for the celebration; even in the wake of reported lawlessness of the Capital Complex. The Celebration Committee even gave open invitation to the local populace to be part of the celebration, in a local daily. Below is the transcript of Invitation published in the Arunachal Times:

Open Invitation

The State Government under the leadership of Shri Dorjee Khandu, Hon'ble Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh, is celebrating the First Anniversary of his Govt. on 15th April, 2008. The occasion will be celebrated at Indira Gandhi Park, Itanagar in a befitting manner.

His Excellency the Governor of Arunachal Pradesh Gen. (Rtd.) J. J. Singh will be the Chief Guest of the function. Shri Tarun Gogoi, Hon'ble Chief Mininster of Assam will also grace the occasion as the Guest of Honor. Shri Himanta Biswa Sharma, Hon'ble Minister (Health & Family Welfare etc.) Assam, will also attend the function as Special Guest.

Delegates from all over the State will participate in the celebration. There would also be extravaganza cultural programme at the venue. Arrangement for sitting for all participants has been made at I.G. Park, Itanagar. No entry passes and vehicle passes are required for attending the function. All categories of participants will be seated in boxes earmarked for them inside the pandals.

Entries to the I.G. Park function will be as:

Gate No.1 (Near Kingcup School): For VVIP, VIP & Senior Govt. Officers
Gate No.2 (C-Sector Gate): For General Public and Staff (without vehicles)
Gate No. 3 (D-Sector Gate): For Public and Officers/Staff (with vehicles)

The Celebration Committee of the Anniversary function invites one and all to attend the function at I.G. Park on 15th April, 2008 at 0830 hrs.

First Anniversary Celebration Committee,

Now I wonder, was the celebration for completion of 1 year in office indeed called for, that too in such a grandiose manner? Wouldn't tossing of champagne among the politico peers sufficed for the celebration? How much did the celebration burnt hole in the pocket of exchequer? Or was the expenses for the celebration borne by Dorjee Khandu himself?


  • EmoreL

    No wonder !!! Not surprising, not amusing even.... just adding more to the list of frustration balms n pills am addicted to.
    Celebration of 1 year of adding more to the woes of arunachali people, not to forget the pain in the ass kicks for the dibang valley people.
    (i guess, we still remember Mega dams to be built)!!!!

    WoW... what a healthy reckoning of having survived for another years? Did anybody ever had doubt on that?

    Does any of us see, in exemplified pragmatism that there is some challenges to the cabal of Politicians arunachal is filled up with ?

    Ya... except for the CM, that changes once in a while, the other chamchas, seems to enjoying the limelight.

    Well, I certainly don't enjoy the static stagnation AP has seen for decades. Do any of us?
    Somebody did ask me once if i'ad ever voted once?
    I couldn't answer that time...
    But this time I will....

    "TO WHOM ?"

  • AG

    Certainly, none of us enjoy the static stagnation of AP. But then,do we have a choice? Why is it that we elect the same person again and again knowing that they are the one responsible for the mess we are in? Aren't there anybody other than the so called 'veterans' to step into their shoes and lead the state? Until and unless we find that 'somebody' the dilemma of WHOM TO VOTE will remain.

  • Rome Mele

    Hi AG,

    This dilemma, "To Whom" would certainly won't die soon. The problem with Arunachal, is the lack of streamlined objective, which can further augment better developments, atleast in thoughts.

    We Arunachali lack those ! We lack the single dream... no wonder, it soothes our ear when we hear 'unity in diversity'. I guess, its time we should let the diversity fend its own grass. But how do we ?
    A relevant question....which dies an impromptu death every other time.
    We get bogged down by our constant lamentation against unethical practices, be it in adminstrative level or anywhere.
    Well, lets accept the fact, Diversity and unity is a post independence struggle days phenomenon. We have long come of that age. Sooner we will be botched up with another renaissance post 2010+ , till then we got to forget about our respective traditional inclinations.

    Our Diversity, has been the curse all the times. Discovery and NGC would like it though, but we don't need that coverage as of now.
    Our diversity, has attributed us with unexplainable traits of being really indifferent to other people, if he/she/they doesn't belong to their community. Tribal afflictions ??????

    So.. with too many of Tribal definitions and acoustic descriptions... my confusion is further broadened.
    Ya... " to whom might sound... which of whom ? "

    God save AP.

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