Saturday, April 19, 2008

Nyishi Day Celebration

To commemorate their three decade long struggle, initiated by NYA (Nyishi Youth Association) as early as 1978, for change of nomenclature from ‘Dafla’ to ‘Nyishi’, which bore fruit in the form of passing of bill in the parliament on 19th of March, 2008, the Nyishi community is celebrating ‘Nyishi Day’ at Indira Gandhi Park, Itanagar today.

Arunachal Diary wishes Nyishi brethrens a Happy Nyishi Day.


  • Techi Takang

    I am being a member of Nyishi family,very-very happy to know that they had celebrated the immeasurable and unforgetable day on 19th April 2008.This day is one of the most remarkable day of our generation and will be celebrated in every generation.However,I am so sad to tell my Nyishi brethren and sisters about me because of personal matter in which I couldn't attended the celebration day.Though,we have few no.of Nyishi Community's member in Mumbai, celebrating the DAY of 25th April 2008.
    So in the end,
    Many many thanks to brothers and sisters in "Arunachal Diary" who helps me to know all about "Arunachal Pradesh" including "Nyishi Commemoration Day" by sending their messages through their "Arunachal Diary" .This esteem site will not only provide knowledge to me but also brings different type of information prevailing in Arunachal Pradesh to Arunachalee those living in different parts of India and outside India. so long life of "Arunachal Diary" is my dream.

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