Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Out of Hibernation…

It feels good to be back blogging after such a long hiatus. But when I returned, I found the blog quite different than as was left prior to my hibernation. I did not expect that. So much venom spewed all over.

Over these past days when I was dormant, I had been called insensible, dumbwit, ar** h***, ga****, gaoliya blah….blah … blah... I was accused of having taken 'anti-Nyishi stance', of being trying to disrupt public order, of impersonating as Nishi Son and commenting anonymously and even warned of legal proceedings.

Phew!.. are you perturbed? No, I’m not. In fact, I am amused by the intelligence shown by the people :). I am amused that I would be taking the identity of Nishi Son or the anonymous to reply to the comments. C’mon guys, though I’ve said that I’m chicken not to disclose my name right now, I’m not that chicken hearted to assume other identities to reply to the comments. So, to make things clearer, I’ve stopped allowing anonymous comments to my blog (taking cue from arunachali) and you might have noticed that. Now you can only post comments if you have Google or Blogger ID or if you have an Open ID. Having blocked anonymous comments, I only fear that Arunachal Diary may lose some sensible and mature commentators like Buru, ATG etc. Hope they would keep commenting.

At this juncture let me make myself clear that the purpose of this blog is NOT repeat NOT to create communal rift between various communities of Arunachal Pradesh nor to promote particular anti-community feeling but to raise issues related to Arunachal Pradesh. More on why this blog exist can be found at About page. Also, the views and ideas expressed by the respective commentators are their own and this blog may not necessarily subscribe to their views or ideas.


  • yasiyalow

    Hey AG welcome back!huh! .. Hope you had a wonderful Myoko.
    Well,in my opinion, it hardly makes a difference whether one posts anonymous or with an identity as anyone can post with n numbers of pseudonames. Even otherwise, locations of the blogger can be traced if not by name.
    Neither do I think you should delete any posts. I wish to see us as we are. And this is where one can be in his true colours. Of the nature of comments, leave it to individuals sensibilty and ignore those posts which is not to your taste.
    Let people rant and rave, that will take storm out of physical violence. Once the culture of dialogue takes root, however hostile it may sound initially, in the long run it gives us dividends in the shape of matured society.

  • NPR

    Don't bother about that meaningless anonymous comments.I don't think that he/she is matured enough to understand the devotions needed to continue such a blog.

  • AG

    Initially, I had this same opinion as yours i.e., let people comment even anonymously and put in their views and participate in the discussion. But when I am accused of commenting anonymously, it is too hard to digest. In that case I had no other option left but to stop anonymous comments. I don't know what effect it would have on commenters without Google or Blogger ID or OpenID that were participating in the discussion sensibly and maturedly. Hope by stopping anonymous comments I've not discouraged them.

    I've just stopped bothering about those insensible commenters:)

  • angeleyes

    the blog is good and has this valid reason to continue for its good as wel as for the people here around.. outside.., i feel theres nothing wrong in getting hammer and thongs at each other whenever there arises a need for such a spirited debate.the pros and cons.. that yes and no.. the flipside that exist. Its all a part of healthy growth as stories capture attention, bringing forth pessimism out of mind as yasi yallow mentioned.. 'taking storm out of physical violence'.
    The more the fire.. better it gets, better the rating. keep it up!

  • PB

    As a citizen from Europe I have been visiting this blog regularly for more than one year and I can testify ther is absolutely NO anti-community feeling of any kind from the editorial team. Otherwise I would have long ceased to be one of their readers… On the contrary, I have always found their views to be fair and unbiased. Moreover, their endeavour to provide regular online information about their State certainly deserves our admiration. Only those who have done some blogging or journalism know all the efforts that are required. So guys, just keep up the good work for the benefit of ALL Arunachalis.

  • AG

    Thanks Angeleyes and PB.

    AD surely wouldn't be bogged down by those insensible comments and commenters and would keep on posting about Arunachal Pradesh.

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