Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Anonymous Commenting is Open now!!

O.k the poll is closed and votes are in. The verdict is:

  • 73% of the readers who voted says 'Yes' the anonymous commenting should be allowed.
  • 16% says 'No'
  • 4% are not sure whether anonymous commenting should be allowed or not and
  • 6% voted to say that anonymous comments should be allowed subject to comments not going off on tangent, which I do agree.
Well, thank you readers for voting so wholeheartedly and let your views known and also thank you for bringing me out of dilemma on whether I should or shouldn't allow anonymous commenting on my blog. Going with you I've opened anonymous commenting on Arunachal Diary once again.

So, what are you waiting for; stage is yours now, go on commenting...even anonymously, of course. Till I come up with commenting policy, my only request to you is be civil, respect others and do not feed the trolls.


  • buru

    High time. One cannot be bothered to sign into Google,when even typing in the " word Verification" is a bother.
    Its better to be anonymous because it makes sure your opinions are heard with least amount of prejudice. If you know my name/profession/address/community/religion etc then it may dilute your views on my opinion with preconceptions. As such we are not fully anonymous even now.I m sure you know who I am by now, and I do know who you are;)
    If somebody want to be truly anonymous I suggest they use Proxy servers to browse.

  • AG

    I didn't know that 'Word Verification' was such a pain in the a*** to commenter:) Anyways now I've disabled that too and I guess that would be better:)

    And no, I haven't been able to identify you yet though I have this inkling that I know you, but then I'm not sure. BTW do we know each other?

  • Buru


    Pl dont disable word verification or else you will get automatic-generated spam or other manual marketeers.
    No we dont know each other at all, our paths never crossed. But i have my sources;)
    * Why dont you remove " Recent Posts" column, since " Blog Archive" is already present? It makes loading longer. Also you may increase "recent comments" to 10 latest comments from present6.

  • AG


    Eh! All the while I thought I know you but .... poor sources than yours:(

    Your suggestions taken. I would consider implementing on your suggestions soon. Actually, I introduced recent posts column because I thought I would restrict to one post on main page but I decided on two.

    Regarding 'word verification' I would leave it disabled for now but as soon as I start getting spams I would re-enable it. Thanks for the concern and suggestion.

  • AG

    Three post on main page infact..:)

  • NPR

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • NPR

    He he he :)
    I am just curious about you (but, don't take it in other sense). If both you and AG knows each other, here I am-the third person;I am still not getting any link to unveil ur identity.Will you mind revealing little bit about yourself???

    Because your comments are the most interesting part of all existing blogs from AP as well as your thoughts are very intellectual, matured and direct DIL SE.That gives a rough idea about you being another fellow arunchalee located at.......(I will be honoured if u fill up this blank)

  • Buru


    I am flattered by ur kind words.However, being a very direct person, I often post things which will make a lot of people take umbrage with my views, esp on politics. Hence I prefer to give my views as a faceless person.
    It is my opinion that we Arunachalis need to be more pro-active with our views and actions (but without resorting to violence)if we have to catch up @ the national or international level, and even intrastate level rather than deceiving ourselves with rhetoric.
    Suffice to say I am a fellow Tani with similar interest as yours...and I am a big admirer of your effort.I hope people also record their religious chants fully before they go extinct as I believe a lot of our past history is encrypted therein as mythology.

    you and AG may like to include this extraordinary piece of work which I came across on the net--A GRAMMAR OF GALO--


  • NPR

    Though this comment is like something personal discussion between us....never mind :) if you are more comfortable to be faceless Arunachalee lols :)
    Thanks to you too (for your response).

    And about that dissertaion work on GALO, I have already downloaded entire pdf some one month back as my co-author PB passed me the link, anyways thanks.

  • buru


    If you are working on Tanii language congrats. Pl do give special emphasis on working out proto-Tanii-->then proto-Tani but without going through the above Galo work, to prevent bias from creeping in.The work by Mark Willaim has serially worked out proto-galo-->proto Tani ;and if the Apatanii work also works out similar words for proto-Tani then we will know how our common ancestors conversed!However if different words are worked out by your team vs Mark William by reverse-ligusitic engiineering( sorry I dunno what else to call it:) then we may have to study it more...

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