Friday, May 30, 2008

Arunachal Forum's not just another forum or community as in Orkut or other networking sites that I am referring to. But I am referring to an effort by Rome Mele to bring in together Arunachali under one platform to share their views on Arunachal. And it indeed, is a good effort - I feel.

Going about two years down the line, when I just started blogging, there was hardly any Arunachal specific blog; well atleast not in my knowledge :) But now, things have changed; when I look around, I feel happy to find blogs by people [from Arunachal], sharing their views on issues of Arunachal, people trying to highlight 'the good, the bad and the ugly' of Arunachal Pradesh and people trying to bring in the change, which I feel, is a welcome change. And Arunachal Forum is such an effort.

What is Arunachal Forum?

It is a 'group blog' (though right now, I presume there is only one author) where the members share their views on issues pertaining to Arunachal Pradesh or in AF's word 'Share and Talk-Arunachal' and get response/feedback from their readers.

Why join Arunachal Forum as a team member?

Well, in Rome's own words

This is a healthy start I would rather say, when its about making your views about Arunachal heard. You will be co-managing this blog along with others and hence the good thing that, you don't necessarily have to post every day or in a fixed routine. Ya we hate that !

So, it would be different than managing your personal blog, where there is this pain to regularly update your blog to keep it going. Here in Arunachal Forum, you don't necessarily need to. Besides, there is this chance of being getting paid for your efforts, through the revenue generated through Adsense :D

How do I become a member?

Well, just drop in a line to Rome at rome[dot]mele[at]mail[dot]vinove[dot]com or romele26[at]gmail[dot]com or give him a call at +919953653646. Your account will be created and permission given to start blogging....Happy blogging..


  • Rome Mele

    Hey AG,

    Thanks a Ton. Highly appreciate that.

    But, as of now I don't think I can find a voluntary team member. Ya - might have to force down some known person.

    Yesterday I visited Orkut after a long gap. I felt i could share them my blogging experience ( which i consider is far enriching than orkuting - just my take ). So I wrote down some posts.

    Well, next thing what you get is - getting jeered for sharing the same. Haha.... anyway it was good. Atleast people who are interested can jump in and take a glimpse of my posts.

    Way to go.


  • AG

    I too went through that particular post of yours at Orkut yesterday and needless to say, I was disturbed. So, I thought of doing this post so that people may come to know of your effort. Anyways, I do hope that people would appreciate your effort and would come forward to be a team member to group manage AF. My best wishes are with you.

    Meanwhile, you can count me in....I'd try to do some post for AF ASAP.

  • Rome Mele

    Thanks for those words !!


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