Monday, May 26, 2008

Arunachal Pradesh goes into PRI polls

The people of Arunachal Pradesh today exercised their franchise to elect 2469 Gram Panchayat Members, 992 Anchal Samiti members and 128 Zilla Parishad Members from total of 7423, 1779 and 161 GPM’s, ASM’s and ZPM’s berths in the state respectively. The remaining berths were earlier filled up, uncontested. Out of the sixteen districts in Arunachal Pradesh, Tawang became the lone District where all the ZPM seats were filled uncontested. For details, see the image below.

Like rest of the state, denizens of the Apatani plateau too exercised their franchise today to elect 6 ZPM's from out of 7 ZPM's seats. One ZPM berth went to Rubu Hangu, unopposed from Tajang Anchal Samiti Constituency. For remaining 6 constituencies viz., Diibo Anchal Samiti Constituency, Hari Anchal Samiti Constituency, Kalung-Reru Anchal Samiti Constituency, Hija Anchal Samiti Constituency, Hong -Nitii AS Constituency and Hong-Niichi AS Constituency, 14 persons vied for the seat.

[People at Hari Constituency queuing up to cast their votes]

From Diibo constituency, Michi Shalla and Bamin Siri contested for the ZPM seat. Hage Tara Asha and Hage Shalla Yassung and Dani Yami and Nada Dumi contested for Hari constituency and Hija Constituency respectively, where ZPM seats were reserved for women this term. Kalung-Reru constituency ZPM seat was contested between Subu Kojee, Nani Tani, Subu Lento and Kuru Tai whereas Hong Nichii and Niiti constituency was contested between Punyo Kathe and Hibu Uma and between Tilling Dolley and Tilling Tadii respectively.

The counting of the votes polled would be done on June 2nd.

Update 29-05-2008: The three-tier Panchayati Raj election in the state was by and large peaceful with 15 polling stations registering 100% polling, overall 83% turnout of the electors and only 10 polling stations going for re-poll.


  • Anonymous

    Any prediction of the results?

  • AG

    Well, based on how the people use to predict the results over here based on counting of relationships, the predictions are...

    Bamin Siri from Diibo, Hage Asha from Hari, Nani Tani from Kalung-Reru, Nada Dumi from Hija and may be Hibu Uma and Tilling Dolley from Hong....But then, these predictions are not scientific and the final results may sway in any wait till results are declared on 2nd of June :)


    What a prediction !
    . . . Those scientific base prediction had never predict like this !
    . . . Expecting such more prediction in assembly election. ;)

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