Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Should I or Shouldn't I?

Ever since I stopped allowing anonymous comments on my blog following allegation on me, I've been asked by my friends and readers of AD alike to review my decision on blocking anonymous comments. Now, I'm in a fix.

Should I allow anonymous comments in my posts and risk personal attack on me again? Would I be able to ignore the comments that is not to my taste?

Well, I need your help here. Should I or shouldn't I re-allow anonymous commenting in my blog?

Pour in your views through comments (for those having Google/Blogger or Open ID) and through your votes (who want to share their views anonymously) in AD Poll at sidebar. Poll closes 19th of May.


For those without Google or Blogger or Open ID and those who want to comment anonymously can make use of 'other' option in the Arunachal Diary Poll to put in their comments/views on whether I should or shouldn't enable anonymous commenting ;-)


  • Rome Mele

    I don't get it. Why people want to be so anonymous ?
    Share your thoughts, its yours after all.
    Why fear to tell others that they fear... that's how I would rather perceive it to be.
    Anyway, their choice.


  • AG

    Nice that you stopped by to drop in a comment. Let's see what others has to say before I finally decide to or not to allow anonymous comments in my future posts.

  • Rome Mele

    Hi AG,
    On a sincere note, I would rather suggest allow the anonymous postings as well.
    There are people who might wish to stay the same or rather say anonymous. Their choice, but at the least, its worth reckoning they are giving some healthy participation... and for a bloggers, comments are just a second O2.
    Haha... and of course, anonymous commenters have the power to fuel up an issue as well. There you go-- you get good traffic. Sounds blogging to me.
    Anyway, I'ad voted against the motion though !!


  • AG

    Thanks for your sincere views Rome.

    Initially, I let open anonymous commenting for the same reason i.e., to allow people who want to participate in a discussion but rather wants to remain anonymous.

    And yeah, rightly said that comments are second O2 for us bloggers, which led me to review my decision on blocking anonymous comments.

    I'd surely take into view your consideration when finally I decide to or not to allow anonymous comments.

    And thanks once again.

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