Friday, June 20, 2008

Ayodhya Crisis: A Report from Heaven

-G. Tallo

I look at the date on my watch. It is June 18, 2008. A familiar face flashes on the TV screen as soon as I put the TV on. It is Mr. Lal Krishna Advani again. His renewed call for RAM MANDIR in Ayodhya is the headline today. I am reminded of the fateful day of December 6, 1992… On the 5th December, 1992, when so-called RATH YATRA entered Ayodhya, it had caught attention worldwide. Whole world was gripped with fear and filled with awe to witness what was happening- one of the worst incidents of the free India. And Heaven was not unaffected. Here is a delayed report from Heaven:

Ever since his war with Ravana there had never been such a large gathering of devotees in his name. Then it was largely monkey, now it was man. Lord Rama could understand how devoted they were! For apart from reading Ramayana and worshipping him as God, they maintained the record of the very spot of his birth which he had forgotten himself. So, today he was literally overjoyed to watch such a large crowd of devotees with bows and arrows, hammers and spears in Ayodhya.

Many influential gods in Heaven showed deep concern over the fear and horror of damaging the MASJID. But he did not heed them. “Don’t you worry,” he told the worried Sita. “They are my followers. Such an untoward incident will never happen. They cannot take the path of violence for I have taught them the great lessons of non-violence, forbearance and universal love.

In the meantime, although he did not preach his face and the Muslims do not worship his idol, it was expected of Mohammed the prophet to be worried and immensely disturbed at this moment. But he was calm as usual. “There’s nothing to go panic,” He told his friends. “It is a testing time for Muslim brethren. I’m sure they will prove that they are no fanatics. Even if the MASJID is brought down to dust, there will be no bloodshed for they will not retalliate. Instead they will keep cool and win the hearts of Hindu brethren with their overflowing love and a greater MASJID will be rebuilt in its very place, incase it is demolished.

Yet the God, who is the most powerful of gods and men, knew what was going to happen. He was fed up of all these nonsensical happenings in the name of religions. The religions were founded so that it shows the path of truth and righteousness to the mankind, so that the man live in peace and love one another. But it has been recorded that many deadly wars have been waged in the name of religion. Besides, many innocent men have also been robbed and opressed in the name of religion. So, today in great fury, He passed a historic judgement, to all the representatives of religion, in the parliament of Heaven.

“You were sent to earth to show the path of truth and righteousness to the man,” said the God. “But you have divided the mankind by inventing religions, which is a serious fault in your part. Because you have divided the mankind, you are sending back to earth to free the man from the bondages of religions. You preach them the philosophy of universal love and brotherhood and peaceful co-existence among the man. Mind you, so long as mankind is divided in the name of religions, the door of heaven will be closed on you.”

As soon as the news spread, a crowd of Satan led by the lord of Satan demonstrated outside the parliament of Heaven stating that this judgement of God will transform the earth into graveyard. The lord of Satan further said, “Man’s existence is not possible without religion.”


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