Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Panchayati Raj Election results out-INC sweeps major ZPM seats at Apatani Plateau

Seems like people has mastered the art of prediction of election results; well, atleast in the Apatani Plateau. Based on the peoples prediction of results, I had predicted earlier who will win the ZPM seats from the 6 constituencies, and the final results are not that different. Out of 6 ZPM seats, 4 were bagged by INC and 1 each by NCP and independent candidate. The results are:

1. Hari: Smt. Hage Yassung (INC)
2. Hija: Smt. Nada Dumi (INC)
3. Kalung-Reru: Nani Tani (NCP)
4. Diibo: Bamin Siri (Independent)
5. Hong: Tilling Doley (INC)
6. Hong: Hibu Uma (INC)

Now, it is to be seen if these elected representatives live upto the expectation of people who has voted them and how much development they would bring in the 'grass root' levels as was promised during their campaigning.

PRI Election Results Update (9:45 PM): (Based on Local Media reports) (ZPM Berth only)

1.Papum Pare
  • Doimukh: Tana Bado (INC)
  • Upper Balijan: Nabam Chukia (INC)
  • Lower Balijan: Kabak Takam (NCP)
  • Taraso: Nabam Eka (INC)
  • Mengio: Nabam Bate (Ind)
  • Kimin: Bamang Yayu (INC)-won earlier uncontested
  • Results for Borum, Sagalee, Leporiang and Toru awaited

2.West Siang
  • Liromoba: Toi Romin (INC)
  • Yomcha: Jarsa Gamlin (INC)
  • Darak: Badam Boje (INC)
  • Kamba: Yali Karbak (INC)
  • Along East Upper: Link Lollen (INC)
  • Along East Lower: Jomkir Naso (INC)
  • Tirbin: Gokar Lombi (INC)
  • Gensi: Taken Mara (INC)
  • Payum: Taken Yasing (INC)
  • Basar:Kenmar Basar (RJD)
  • Daring: B. Jirdo (Ind)


  • Anonymous

    INC sweeping majority. well do you think its ruling party factor?

  • AG

    Sure do I...:)

    But I'm not sure how much this party politics would help the people at 'grass root level'.

  • Anonymous

    who colud be the district chairperson?? for lower subansirir district,

  • AG

    He..he..I don't have a clue...watch for this space to know who becomes district chairperson:D

  • Moli

    I know some people among them personally..
    seems I have contacts man...
    Arunachal has elections everyday (Sarcastic metaphor)
    Young people like me are always there to criticise it, rest to participate.. both unhealthy..
    we see no change or Bad change..


  • Anonymous

    though INC has swept a clear majority, it will be interesting to know that in Roing, in one of the Zilla segment, a young guy of 22 years doing his graduatation from Delhi University emerged victorious, defeating a veteran Congress party candidate.

    well guys wht u think of this development? people here in roing say that idealism has won over the ruling party factor.

  • Rome Mele

    Well said Anonymous...

    That guy is Anjithe Menjo(my buddy). Am proud of him.

    The youngest Zilla Parishad Chairman... a subtle reckoning of what Youth today can do.

    How about emulating the same all over AP?

    Haha... I know AAPSU won't allow that [ :) ]

  • Anonymous

    ahhh its not zilla parishad chairman.. its zilla parishad member...

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