Friday, July 4, 2008

Dree Greetings

Transplantation of saplings from nurseries to the paddy fields over…time has come again to pray to Mother Nature for pest free and favorable weather for bountiful crop and rich harvest….time has come again to indulge ourselves into annual agricultural festival Dree…..and time has come again for Arunachal Diary to wish it’s readers’ a Happy Dree. (For those uninitiated refer this post to know the mythology behind Dree)

People of Ziro-Hapoli Township would be observing Dree on 5th and 6th July at Dree Ground, Old Ziro.

P.S. Owing to the disruption in Broadband as well as dial up connectivity at Ziro due to June 14th torrential rain, the posting in Arunachal Diary would be intermittent till the connectivity at Ziro-Hapoli is restored. Till then do bear with me.


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