Friday, August 8, 2008

Arunachal Diary turns two

Yes..Arunachal Diary has sailed through yet another year and has turned two. In fact, it turned two yesterday and has entered into its 3rd year in blogosphere. Thank you all for keeping me going. Without your comments, brickbats and appreciation, I would have long since ceased to update the blog, but for you guys.

And to show my appreciation, I’m handing out an Anniversary Issue of Arunachal Diary in the form of e-book or rather e-magazine for free (see pic on left)….but you have to wait for a while, may be till the last week of the month to get hold of this's in the final stage of writing:).

What you can expect from this e-mag?

Collection of articles published in Arunachal Diary over these past two years some edited and some unedited including photo features and cartoons...which I feel would be a collectors item for the fans of Arunachal Diary.

Looking ahead, I'm planning introducing some changes in Arunachal Diary but that would take a back seat for a while till the broadband and dial-up connectivity out here is up and running smoothly. The broadband connectivity is expected to be restored by 15th of August, as promised by BSNL authorities.

Till then, do bear with the low frequency of posting.

And thank you once again guys for letting Arunachal Diary sail through another year.


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