Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cartoon-oscope #1

In continuation to my earlier cartoon series (1, 2, 3) where I tried to address the issues through the protagonists, I would now try to do cartoons on present state of affairs not restricting myself using only the protagonists, in a series called Cartoon-oscope beginning with the cartoon above. However, the protagonists too would continue to appear off and on in this series.

Hope you would enjoy the series :)


  • Rome Mele

    Hi AG,

    I had changed my blog url recently to arunachalblog ... could you update the same here in yours.


  • AG

    Oops! It took me so long to change your blog url despite having been informed about it long back. Sorry for not making changes earlier.... I've made corrections now.


    My dull mind could not figure out . .
    Whom Snake represents ?
    Anyway, nice art.
    (out of subject)
    simply curious. .
    how do you creat these arts (cartoons) ? ? :-)

  • AG

    No.. I'm not going to tell what I tried to portray through my cartoon yet..that's why I haven't wrote anything on what context or why I did this cartoon...Let's see how people interpret this cartoon ;)...guess, it would be interesting :)Till then you keep guessing and let me know what you have interpreted ;)

    Answer to your question on how I did this cartoon. Well, it involves bit of free hand sketch, scanning and working digitally with Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop (may be you could use any of the software, but I used both). Here I first drew caricature of Khandu, scanned it and digitised using illustrator. For snake part, it was done completely in Illustrator and Photoshop.

  • Rome Mele

    Thx AG...

    Well, even am unable to get whats with the Khandu and the snake... Hardly get to hear anything about the AP politics. Just my assumption - everything back is same as it was... So it would be of great help if you could help with further illustration, hint perse to simplify whatever is there in the caricature.
    My figments of imagination takes me every where, right from DAMS to PDS... and beyond. I would though like to keep this list short - Lets say... with what you exactly wanted to describe it here.

  • AG

    Keep guessing...Rome ;)

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