Sunday, August 31, 2008

Has the Intellectual Property Right over ‘Arunachal Diary’ been infringed upon? (Updated)

I was going through the 29th August edition of ‘The Arunachal Times’ when I came across this report that took me by surprise. It read:

“The registering authority, Papum Pare district has registered two private news channels to be transmitted through the private cable TV channels in the Capital Complex under the provisions of the Cable TV Networks Regulation Act, 1995. The two registered news channels are “Aaz Ki Samachar” and “Arunachal Dairy”.”

Below is the press clipping.

It may be worth mentioning here that it was reported earlier that the ban on the ‘Aaj Ki Awaaz’ was lifted and it would be airing it’s programme from 1st of September, 2008 under the new banner of ‘Aaj Ki Samachar’. However, the district magistrate has denied lifting of ban on 'Aaj Ki Awaaz' and informed that the ban was still in force as two criminal cases are pending against the channel. Nonetheless, the District Magistrate has allowed Aaj Ki Awaaz's Executive Director to air another news programme under the banner of 'Aaj ki Samachar'.

“……the district magistrate has denied reports that the ban on news channel ‘Aaz Ki Awaaz’ (AKA)has been lifted. The ban is still in force as two criminal cases are pending against the channel, he informed.

AKA’s executive director has, however, been allowed to run another private news channel: Aaz Ki Samachar.”
-Arunachal Front

Now coming back to the topic, has the Intellectual Property Right over Arunachal Diary been infringed upon? Well, the report made me feel that the Intellectual Property Right has been infringed upon by the private news channel and I'm exploring on that aspect both legal and otherwise.

What now?

May be I would write a letter to that private news network that they have probably infringed upon my Intellectual Property Rights and that they should consider re-registering their channel under different banner; as soon as I get their contact details.

Update 09-09-2008:

From the information I  received from Itanagar, it seems the private news channels banner is 'Arunachal Dairy' and not 'Arunachal Diary'. So, I guess no infringement of IPR issue...:)


  • Anonymous

    Arunachal Dairy ??? Dairy Definition :

    1. a building or room where milk and cream are kept and butter and cheese are made
    2. dairy farm
    3. a commercial establishment that processes and distributes milk and milk products

    If it is a misprint from the Arunachal Times, then your claim is justified. If the blunder is from the TV channel itself, people have to worry about the contents and quality of the transmission in future...

  • AG

    I guess it was typo on the part of The Arunachal Times as Arunachal Front had typed the name correctly as 'Arunachal Diary'. Nevertheless, I am trying to ascertain in which name the local private news channel is registered. If what Arunachal Times reported is right i.e., 'Arunachal Dairy' then I guess there is no issue at all.

  • Rome Mele

    If this piece of news is true then I guess you should better start doing some homework on it asap. "Arunachaldiary" is no wonder the most popular blog catering to AP, and any scrupulous person can certainly take the advantage of it's popularity it has gained so far. And certainly baseless comments ( as the one we've above ) is a true testimonial to it.
    Keep up the good work...

  • Rome Mele

    Correction here: baseless comments was a was baseless news, that was intended.

  • Delta

    Hello Arunachal diary! In fact I am not going into the present context, However, I am extremely elated to browse into this blog which indicate a bold endeavour to reach the likeminded people of our own young state. The objective is so satisfying that atleast the few of us staying outside AP could ventilate our views on some issues after being updated with the happenings in the state. I appreciate the venture taken up by our fellowbeing from beautiful Ziro valley. may be that I can share more in due course of time.Lets just go ahead.

  • AG

    Thanks delta for stopping by and for your kind words.

    I'd love to hear more from you.

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