Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Radio Oo La La 91.9 FM launched at Itanagar

Gone are the days when we used to tune into Radio if we had to listen to music. Boy..who would forget the mesmerizing voice of Ameen Sayani over Radio Ceylon and later Vividh Bharti of AIR. But with time, the media for listening to music changed. Transistor sets- as Radio was known at that time, was replaced by Tape Recorders and more recently by CD and DVD Players and yepp not to forget the players. Now people had more choice to listen to their kind of music than to listen to selected music aired over government airwaves and listeners to radio declined.

With the advent of FM channels operated by private players, radio has gained popularity once again with percentage of radio listeners increasing from 20% to 75% in cities like Kolkata (Radio-Track 2003 Survey). However, Arunachal Pradesh has yet to see the increase in radio listeners as witnessed in other parts of the country as FM Channels by private players had yet to make foray into Arunachal Pradesh.

But now, it seems things would change, for a private FM channel Radio Oo La La, 91.9 FM has made foray into the state after it has set it's station at Guwahati, Shillong and Agartala. It's station at Itanagar was launched yesterday.

Watching the inaugural function aired over NETV and watching the RJ's of Itanagar Radio Oo La La 91.9 FM introducing themselves, it seems people of Itanagar is going to be swept away by them and it would be fun listening to the Radio again.

Happy tuning in to Radio again to the denizens of Itanagar. Enjoy!


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