Monday, September 1, 2008

Arunachal Diary Anniversary Issue is Out now

As promised earlier, I’m making available the 'Anniversary Issue of Arunachal Diary' for you to download.

Well, I know I’ve been late at putting it up online, which was supposed to be made online latest by 31st of August, 2008 but for the off and on relationship with BSNL broadband connectivity out here at Ziro. You never know when the connectivity would be up and when it would be down. And it was difficult uploading the e-magazine ‘Arunachal Diary Anniversary Issue’ through the inconsistent and slow dial-up connection. But somehow, I managed to upload it.

For slow connection, you can download the Anniversary Issue here (file size: 1.4 MB) and for faster connection the download link is here (file size: 2.8 MB). The print quality version of the Anniversary Issue (file size: 9.7 MB) can be downloaded here.

Pour in your feedback about the anniversary issue.


  • Richa


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  • wiian

    "..lest this state becomes bandh pradesh" had me grinning again. :D

    All those pictures and posts about ziros are among my all time favourites.

    is it just me who is seeing document errors with the print edition?

  • Raju Mimi

    ....the print version is awesome....
    its not only the layout but every thing of it has its own uniquness and strength...

    arunchal diary will be a real hit among the young generations.....

    hope for the best and good luck....
    and i have been publishing many of the articles from aruanchal diary for 'veracity'....

    i only wish if i could get one of those copy of aruanchal diary...ahem..

  • speechmaker

    wow! you blew me away with the print edition. its raising expectations from this publisher sky-high. this is gonna be circulated all through the country if people are not already reading it from your blog itself. (digital circulation without commercial interests does not infringe on the copyright, correct?)

  • AG

    Thx for visiting.

    I've re-uploaded the print-quality version of the Anniversary Issue and it's working fine this side. Hope, now you would not encounter document error again. :)

    @Raju Mimi,
    Thx for the good words about the issue. The publication of print version has not been thought you have to make do with the e-magazine issue. :) In any case, if you want to have a paper copy of the issue, you can always print from the print-quality version of the issue I've uploaded. Cheers!

    You are encouraged to circulate the issue either in the digital or printed form but without any commercial interest ;) You can view the license here.

  • PB

    Great job ! You guys are doing a very professional job since the very begining. If a proof was still needed, here it is.

  • AG

    Thx PB. Thanks for all the appreciation you have showered on us and I'm glad that you have liked the e-magazine.

  • Kanno

    Great set up and graphics. Looking forward to read the texts. Congratulations!

  • AG

    Thx Kanno. Hope you have downloaded the emagazine :) Looking forward to more feedback on texts and content.

  • popisarmi

    Hi AG,

  • Richo

    Congratulation> !
    I miss some posts like CS-ANSU imbroglios with comments. :)

  • AG

    Thx Popisarmi; Thx Richo

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