Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Can Rijiju's Chinese Visa be Hailed as 'Positive Change' in Beijing's attitude?

When high profile persons from the state having diplomatic passports were denied visa to visit China on earlier occasions, this BJP parliamentarian from Arunachal Pradesh, Kiren Rijiju has made a glitch less trip to China as a part of 5 members Indian delegates to study how the Olympic organizers has managed the show so that it may benefit the 2010 Commonwealth Games to be staged at New Delhi. This prompt issuance of visa without a hitch has surprised the parliamentarian and made him feel that 'historical breakthrough' has been achieved and issuance of visa by China without any hitch indicated a 'positive' change in Beijing's attitude that could pave the way for resolving the vexed border dispute, particularly over Tawang.

A prompt issuance of visa by China has left BJP MP from Arunachal Pradesh Kiren Rajju "surprised" who said it indicated a "positive" change in Beijing's attitude and could pave the way for resolving the border dispute, particularly over Tawang.
This issuance of visa to an Arunachalee has been hailed by other political parties as well and many has felt that China has softened it's stand on Arunachal.

But can this single instance be considered as 'change in Beijing's attitude' over vexed boundary dispute? Isn't is bit premature to say that Beijing has mellowed down over border dispute? Considering the timing when the visa was issued i.e., Beijing Olympics, I would rather say it is quite premature to hail this single instance as a 'historical breakthrough'. When China was desperately trying to put up 'good boy' image during the Olympics and western media watching over them, would China have risked raking up issue of border dispute at that time by denying a visa to an Indian parliamentarian who was nominated by IOA and was a part of 5 member Indian delegates visiting Beijing for the closing ceremony. I would say no. Had the visa been issued some other time and on some other occasion, then only it could have been considered to be 'positive change' in Beijing's attitude towards resolving the boundary dispute over Arunachal Pradesh. It has to be seen if another high profile Arunachalee gets visa without a hitch to come to think that Beijing has mellowed down over boundary dispute.

It seems obtaining visa to China for a common Arunachalee never had been a problem as otherwise mentioned in the media. The problem arises only when any high profile Arunachalee having Diplomatic passport approaches for visa to China.


  • buru

    Hitting somebody when his hands are tied
    ( Olympics)is a cheap tactic.
    On the other hand, the olympics may have given the Chinese an excuse to back down a bit without seeming to.
    All in all it served the propaganda purposes of both sides.

  • AG


    I'm afraid if I was able to get you totally...

    I agree with you that it has served the propaganda purposes of both sides.

  • buru

    I meant to say...the Indian Govt knew that the Chinese were not in a position to refuse visa to Rijiju while the Olympics were ongoing without creating an international scene--as such it had PR problems arising from pro-Tibetan demonstrations.So (mis)using this 'oppurtunity' to score such a cheap propaganda point, instead of real changes on the ground,does not behove the dignity of India.This may provoke the Chinese to make a statement or an 'incursion' now after olympics, to 'level' the field?
    At the same time, keeping the Marpe Sora fiasco in mind, I wont be surprised if Rijijus permanent residence was shown to be in Delhi in the Visa application form;)

    *On an unrelated note, I think it would be goodbye Rijiju and goodbye BJP(Arunachal) in the next Lok Sabha elections going by present alignments.That is, unless he sells himself to Congress like our opposition MLAs have done recently:))

  • AG

    That’s what I thought you meant…but was in a doubt, so asked :)

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