Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fire Mishap at Hapoli (Updated)

I just about finished my work at comp when power went out around 10.35 pm. So, I saved my work and shut down my computer and was preparing for bed when I suddenly heard siren... the ever so familiar sound at Ziro-Hapoli that make you jump out of the bed and out of the house to the streets. Thinking that some fire mishap has occured I rushed out only to find road empty. So, I enquired over mobile and learnt that fire mishap indeed had occured. 

According to the report obtained, the fire broke out at a house behind the main administrative building or the DC office at Hapoli. However, the fire was doused before it could break out to other houses in the vicinity. Unconfirmed report says that there was casualty which is yet to be confirmed. More updates on this later.

Update (14-09-2008):

"I had gone to sleep and was in deep slumber when the commotion outside woke me up. When I came out of my house, I was  shocked to see my neighbor’s house on fire and fellow neighbors trying to contain and douse the fire," said a resident adjacent to the house which caught fire last night. “I was quite afraid that the fire would spread to my residence or to other buildings in the vicinity but for the alert neighbor’s who was able to contain and douse the fire in time”.

The house belonged to one Nending Tama of Hija Village, who had leased his building to two families and a businessman who was using one of the rooms as go-down. The businessman reportedly suffered burn injuries and was rushed to the District Hospital. And the two families were reported safe. The incident occurred just behind the District Administration Office.

Considering the approach to the incident site (the only access to the site or the neighborhood being the lone narrow footpath), I wondered how would’ve fire firefighter’s from Fire Department would have helped to contain and douse the fire. I’m all the praise for the resident’s of that locality for acting promptly to contain and douse the fire thereby preventing spread of fire and causing damages to property and in turn saving themselves. Now, I feel it is high time we stop setting up structures haphazardly and ponder over the importance of proper planning of settlement areas if we want to prevent such mishaps in future.

It was also reported that taking advantage of commotion last night some miscreants looted one Electronic Shop, just opposite Post Office and debunked with DVD Players and VCD’s and DVD’s.

The shop (blue one) which was looted


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