Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Let's speak Apatani - A Blog by GT

With Tanii agun (Apatani) being considered 'Endangered Language' on the verge of becoming extinct due to fascination of the Tanii's towards National Language Hindi and the global language English, an immediate attention was needed to preserve, promote and document Tanii agun lest it become extinct. 

In this line, to preserve and promote Tanii agun a wonderful effort was/is being made by NPR and PB through their blog Let us save Tanii. Following suit, here is another wonderful blog by GT - Tanii Agun Lu Sa (Let's speak Apatani), which aims at documenting the language. Head to this blog for a peek at the effort.


  • PB

    For having spent some time on it myself, I know all the efforts that are required to identify one by one the grammatical rules out of a spoken language such as Tanii, and above all make it understandable to all. In this regard GT's contribution is remarkable.

  • AG

    I do appreciate the effort you, NPR and GT are putting into Tanii language. It indeed is remarkable.

  • jayanta deka

    Thanks for the link... I do appreciate the efforts on your part... I hope that like all languages Apatani also lives long...

    Long live...


  • pegubhai

    Thanks for the ggod initiative by our conscious Tanii brothers for preserving and promoting a major branch of Tanii language.I'm also interested in promoting our Tanii language,pliz have a look on our blog-http.//www.mishingrenaissance.blogspot.com and read the Mishing languae labelled article.I wish to study the similarities between Apatani and Mishing Tani lnsguages.Let's move a concerted effort...

  • Uttam Pegu

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