AD is still alive!!

Have you thought Arunachal Diary is ‘dead’ and won’t be updated anymore?

Well, this is a very short post to announce that Arunachal Diary is still alive and kicking but for the forced short hiatus I had to take due to unplanned trip down South to Bangalore (Bengaluru) and to Coimbatore, which kept me out from updating the blog. Watch out for the space till I update myself with the latest happenings of the state and let you updated about Arunachal Pradesh. :)

Thank you all for visiting Arunachal Diary even when it was not updated for a while.

2 thoughts on “AD is still alive!!”

  1. I think it is the only source to get latest news about A.P.for all of us who are out of state.Keep up ur good work and never let it die.

  2. Thanks for your encouraging words. Arunachal Diary would surely try to let you updated about the latest happenings of the state despite the odds. :) Keep visiting.

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