Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Charcoal Sketch

Did I told you that other than blogging, my indulgence includes sketching? ;) ... Well, well, that was a long... long ago, infact. It has been ages since I seriously tried my hands on sketching...again. It was some days back when I was flipping through my steel trunk of college days, that I came across this sketchbook which reminded me that long back I had tried my hands at sketching. Below, I am sharing two of my sketches from that sketchbook done with charcoal, around a decade back.

Tried to do portrait of a lady that appeared in some magazine.

Was it an ad for Jeans or for Shoes? Hmm..I don't seem to recall. (Again from some magazine)

P.S. What above sketches got to do with Arunachal or Arunachal Diary? Nothing...but then, Arunachal Diary is also the personal space of AG besides space for issues related to Arunachal, right? ;)


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