Thursday, November 13, 2008

Crossing over to China-Is it the case of mass exodus looking for "Greener Pasture" or the case of unintentional crossing over?

Amid fresh word of wars on border disputes between India and China over Arunachal Pradesh, Hindustan Times has reported a very interesting story about mass exodus across border by Arunachalee looking for a "greener pasture".

As political heat between India and China over Arunachal Pradesh ratchets up, the state is also facing the challenging task of stopping border exodus as an increasing number of residents migrate to China and other neighbouring states in search of livelihoods.

Over the years, the Chinese have developed good infrastructure on their side while border areas in India are still backward. Feeling neglected, residents here are looking for “greener pastures” across the border.

With increase in unemployment problem in the state, no doubt there is migration of Arunachalee to other Indian states looking for (better) jobs, but do the people of Arunachal Pradesh (residing at the periphery of the border) indeed migrate across the border to China looking for "greener pasture"? I doubt. Considering the statement of state officials that there is stray incidents of crossing-over to China but no mass exodus, I wonder if it is the case of crossing over the border unknowingly due to unclear demarcation of boundary between India and China? Or is it the case of people moving over to China to visit their relatives residing just across the border? After all, it is said that people of Arunachal Pradesh also do resides just across the border.


  • Buru

    Is it a surprise when people cannot move from one part of the state to the other without passing through other states--and get assaulted and blocked at their whims like what happened recently in Assam?

    The Indian Govt is fully aware that people in border areas often go to the Chinese side to avail of free rations, shopping items and medical care due to its easy access, and the inaccessibility of the same on the Indian side.Some tribes like Bokars& Mishmis have blood relations across the border and thus visit relatives.Membas,Khambas and Monpas also are known to cross for pilgrimages.
    A few Mra Tagins are said to be living on the Migyitun sector on Chinese side.
    British explorers like Bailey(1912-13)& Kingdon ward( early thirties) travelling on the Tibetan side have written of meeting Mishmis,Minyongs,Tagins etc in Tibet proper, on trade visits and EMPLOYMENT! Mra Tagins used to migrate habitations back and forth in Migyitun/Longju areas till the late fifties when the border tension closed it down.Ditto on Dibang side.

    Its is therefore to be expected that these people would continue to cross this line on paper, especially when the Indian Govt has taken great pains to deny them even basic facilities.It is said that the Chinese authorities treat locals coming over to Tibet for supplies with great kindness and even free food and medicine.Cases have happened where during winter snows, hunters of Takin and snow grouse have strayed into the Chinese side and were sent back after good care by the PLA!

  • AG

    Considering the easy access to other side of the fence, cross-over may not be that surprising. But the question is, how do the people get easy access to the other side of the border? It may be presumed that Chinese will welcome Arunachalee to their side considering their claim over Arunachal but how do they get past the Indian counterpart manning the border? Or is the border not manned properly and too porous that anyone from either side can cross over? But then... border is not physically demarcated and it is only an imaginary line called "Mac-Mohan Line", ain't it! :)

    "Cases have happened where during winter snows, hunters of Takin and snow grouse have strayed into the Chinese side and were sent back after good care by the PLA!"

    That's quite a news. Though, it was heard that quite on and off people near the border do cross over the border owing to easy access to Chinese side than to the plains of Indian mainland, but I didn't knew about the treatment they get when they stray into the Chinese territory. I vaguely remember, quite sometimes back one person from Upper Subansiri (if my memory is correct) strayed into Chinese border not to know about his whereabouts till now. If you remember, his case was splashed all across the state dailies and in couple of mainstream media also.

  • Buru

    "But the question is, how do the people get easy access to the other side of the border? It may be presumed that Chinese will welcome Arunachalee to their side considering their claim over Arunachal but how do they get past the Indian counterpart manning the border? Or is the border not manned properly and too porous that anyone from either side can cross over?"

    Forget about manning or markers, often even soldiers 'stray 'into the other side without even realising it-- so vast and isolated it is. The soldiers guard only the salients and passes.
    In the central sector the forest is so thick at the border that it seamlessly merges on both sides-- so both men and animal cross unobserved easily.

  • AG

    "Markers" or the absence of it-that's the point. Chinese says they are on their territory while the Indian counterpart would say they've intruded...both have their own perceptions of boundary right! :)

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  • Anonymous

    ... all the ministers in arunachal are ass holes ...those leaders can never be for the development. and what i know is that there's even a fake arunachali minister whose from assam. regarding china arunachal... the first thing is that arunachal is part of india and shall always secondly the issue was because of gegong apang the mother f**ker, who had been chief minister of arunachal for more than 15 years and still arunachal pradesh is 100% backward. oh my god! foolish people wake up....jungli people of arunachal wake up....revolution all you all need is revolution. kick ass of arunachal govt. to broing reforms in the state. we leave in democratic country it's because of we people govt. exist. choose the right people to govern us. only than we can come forward.

  • Anonymous

    ok... reagarding unemployment in arunachal i have a comment.

    just few days ago i met a friend of me from karbi along (assam). he asked me that is it easy to get job in arunachal? i said," it depends upon your qualification, talent and luck, why asking me ? i was shock by his reply, he told me that there was a assamese person name parnov in karbi along who was jobless and now works in arunachal pradesh. i asked how? than he told me that , parnov went to arunachal and leave in c.c singpho ( the fake singpho minister) house and change his identificaion who naow write parnov singpho. and bu c.c singpho he got job. it's said c.c singpho himself is a from karbi along place called diphu . these fake people from karbi along diphu like c.c singpho what can he do more rather than bring people from assam to get more voting. c.c singpho is not even real singpho he doesn't have even real singpho surname and testimonial from singpho community. he can even speek singpho. [ he must be investivate by govt. to seize all his fake identification ]

    i think singpho from arunachal is the most foolish people in this entire world.(myself am singpho)


    let;s come to the point now. the question is that how can the arunachal govt. be so careless to make minister to such person who's not even arunachali. what is the arunachal govt. doing ?


    am telling these because i have RIGHT TO EXPRESSION as an INDIAN.

  • Anonymous

    who ever u r u seriously hate this person c.c.singpho....

  • Anonymous

    as far as i know,i never heard that SINGPHO TRIBE ever existed if it WASN'T for him!(c.c.singpho)
    in india,if a person stays more than 5 yrs even he gets indian citizenship and c.c.singpho,he has been in arunachal more than that and have been looking after his people,their development for half of his life.i thk everyone agrees that a person"s identity or his roots doesnt matter as long as he is doing his best for the betterment of his people.
    if u thk u have the RIGHT TO EXPRESS so u shd also knw that ur right stops when u cross ur limit n it becomes an OFFENCE.. so he too has every right to sue u for being such a** dunno why u people being a singpho criticize their own leader rather than being thankful!!!
    just because he gave a job to this guy he is a bad person.big deal!!!mayb he thought that this guy is worth it rather than giving to someone like u!with a big mouth and cant feel good for others!!!
    yes its true that to get a job u need to have qualification,talent,luck....and also hard-work,sincerity,backing from a leader ,money...and i m saying in gereral.this is how it works living in this cruel world my brother if u thinking it works only in arunachal.then comes out from ur hole coz u hav lots to learn n see. since u have nothing to do than criticizing go n ask all the people whoever got jobs from c.c.singpho that did he ever take bribes or manipulated people for the sake of his own people....
    in my opinion,u should just straight away ask all ur queries to c.c.singpho coz he is the right person to answer rather than collecting all the wrong information and accusing such a good n great-religious person for nothing!
    m damn sure next time u see ur leader c.c singpho u wont b able to look him into his eyes n talk...u gonna shit in ur pants!!my dear...and burn in hell for what goes around comes around!!!!

  • Anonymous

    u being a SINGPHO u r saying all singphos r foolish people in the entire world...LORD SAVE U!!!u r a SHAME to singpho community...first person i met who says bad thing about his own people,lies,criticizes ur own leader....did u not knw that singpho were the first to discover tea"in the entire world" they r giving shelter to refugees like tibetians,chakmas...since they hav no where to go....singphos have BIG HEART(apart than u)....

  • Anonymous

    is it true that c c singpho is a fake singpho? Even i heard about it. Also i heard that he use to keep his people in his place for some years and after that he change their surname to singpho for acquiring ST certificate for getting job.If it is true, then the whole singpho community should raise their voice against this gross injustice to the community and for bringing bad name to the community.

  • singpho

    noo..its not true,my fren!!!!these r the small talks from small people who hav nothing else better to do....rather than putting up such humors!and they know huh...that its all in VAIN but still they do it!!!poor people!!!!i feel sad for them!!but what to do...just laugh at them n pass man!!!

  • Anonymous

    who is c c singpho ?

  • AG


    He is Food & Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs and Health and Family Welfare Minister in the government of Arunachal Pradesh. :)

  • Anonymous

    I met Hon'ble Mr.CC Singpho Sir, Several times in last few years,we have tea estate in his constituency namely Bisa Agro Pvt.Ltd.,honestly speaking, trust me,he is a "ground to earth" person,and one of the senior most minister of North east India,who did enormous for his constituency. Its obhius that someone may think that, i have some personal interest,for praising him, or i may be related to politics, bt trust me ,i swear i had none of business with him. But then if nt...he is far far better person as compared to our assam idiot ministers.

  • buru

    what I heard is that CC Singhpo is a non-Arunachalee who married a Singhpo girl and took her title. Since Singhpos are patrilineal, there may be some truth to him being a 'fake' Singhpo?

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